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  1. In Topic: Lambdas: New to Java 8, New to Flukeshot

    Posted 21 Jan 2014

    This immediately reminded me of the "A Brief, Incomplete, and Mostly Wrong History of Programming Languages"


    1970 - Guy Steele and Gerald Sussman create Scheme. Their work leads to a series of "Lambda the Ultimate" papers culminating in "Lambda the Ultimate Kitchen Utensil." This paper becomes the basis for a long running, but ultimately unsuccessful run of late night infomercials. Lambdas are relegated to relative obscurity until Java makes them popular by not having them.

    Looks like that is all changing :sorcerer:
  2. In Topic: Input problem

    Posted 21 Jan 2014

    You should never be using Threads as a timer. It makes code hard to read and makes intent difficult to follow.
    There is a Timer class which was made for this exact reason.

    How to use Timer and TimerTask Classes

    Naming your variables with meaningful names is always a good practice no matter what. This will make future you and other programmers reading your code a lot happier.

    It should also be said as an added note that while, yes, you getting numbers as an input. You could compare them as Strings since you aren't really doing any calculations.
    In this case, looking at the reverse and equals method in the String class.
  3. In Topic: Position a JButton and JLabel in java

    Posted 17 Jan 2014

    Here is something that might help you.

    When beginners start thinking about layouts, they think about the whole window having a single layout. (Probably because most examples only show one layout.)
    When you think of it like this your window basically has 8 possible layouts, and only has 8 looks.

    In reality, your whole window can have multiple containers with varying shapes, sizes, and layouts.
    This especially becomes true when your GUI becomes more and more complex, and it takes a lot of practice and messing around to see what works.

    This is why layout questions are difficult to answer. You are basically asking what is the best way to add two numbers to make 10. Some people might say 5+5, others would say 4+6, the creative ones will say 10 + 0, and the wacky ones will say 16 + -6.

    Have a mess around with layouts, and make some simple GUI interfaces for simple programs (I.E. phone books, cash registers, website registration) They do not even have to be functional. It's just for the practice.

    Once I'm not sleep deprived in the morning, I can try to be of some more help and give specific examples.
  4. In Topic: Errors on a Minecraft server running with Java

    Posted 17 Jan 2014


    This would be your best bet to find a solution
  5. In Topic: Update JLabel text

    Posted 14 Jan 2014

    What exactly is PlayGrid? Is it some kind of container? If so, then why do you have a container keeping track of your player scores?

    I should probably make this answer more.. useful?
    Your GUI is in charge of handling things on the screen. This can be layouts, what's on the screen at what time, etc.

    With your design, if you don't want to change it, couldn't you simply make a public getScore method inside PlayGrid? Then when MainScreen updates, it can say


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