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  1. In Topic: How do I allow decimal and only positive values in form input?

    Posted 5 Jun 2014

    Thank you, my good sir! Doesn't discount negatives but it was a beautifully simple solution to allow floats!
  2. In Topic: How do I center the text in this div vertically?

    Posted 15 Apr 2014

    Thank you very much, my good sir!
  3. In Topic: How do I replace each element in this array?

    Posted 15 Apr 2014

    Yeah that's what I was thinking. At first I was over complicating it in my head. But the outside loop would keep track of it's place in the entire deck and then the inner loop would deal with suits. I made an array called $royalty that will deal with a,j,q,k. Not sure yet if I'll use this but I have it. I haven't actually gotten around to doing this yet but I'm glad my thought process was on track with you guys'.
  4. In Topic: Trying to validate a textField to only accept numeric characters

    Posted 19 Nov 2012

    View PostDoinWork, on 19 November 2012 - 10:21 AM, said:

    If you want to validate a TextField on the fly(as they type), you can set up a document listener on it.

    Thanks. I know that's an option but I'd still like to try to use .matches()
  5. In Topic: How do I read one record at a time from a file with no delimiters?

    Posted 14 Nov 2012

    View Postg00se, on 14 November 2012 - 05:37 PM, said:


    There are no delimiters between words that you enter into this text file
    Then it can't be parsed. Use linefeeds

    See that's what I thought but it's something a couple people have already figured out. Maybe it IS allowed to be capitalized but it just wasn't demoed like that for us. In which case you would just use a for loop and if to charAt everything until you get to a character with the unicode value of a capital letter.

    Well thanks for confirming for me that under those circumstances it is impossible. Must be that the first letter can be uppercase.

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