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  1. In Topic: Refreshing a Page After Submitting Login form

    Posted 30 Apr 2014

    I've read a little more on password hashing and I do plan on changing it and I'm trying to learn how to sanitize the input also. I'm more of a hobbyist just trying to learn it. As for the passing the variables through an an inlaid mysqli function I haven't figured either out yet
  2. In Topic: Letting users create their own blogs on my own website

    Posted 25 Apr 2014

    A little different than I would have thought, My thought so that the user would only see their own Posts would be
    class ViewBlogs extends MySQL {
              public function QuerySelfBlogs() {
                       $this->QuerySelfBlogs = "SELECT * FROM blogs WHERE posterID=".$_SESSION['id']."";
              public function SetSelfBlogs {
                       $this->result = mysqli_query($this->mysqli,$this->QuerySelfBlogs);
                       while($this->row=mysqli_fetch_array($this->result)) {
                       $this->SelfBlogTitle = $this->row['title'];
                       $this->SelfBlogContent = $this->row->['content'];
              public function GetSelfBlogsTitle {
                      return $this->SelfBlogTitle;
              public function GetSelfBlogsContent {
                      return $this->SelfBlogContent;
    $ViewBlogs = new ViewBlogs;

    And then say I was looking at a list then I would try something like

    And then I haven't tried it yet, but was thinking to have that PHP page pull dynamically with $_GET['id'] and have a session variable named ID.
    Just trying to find out if I'm on the wrong path since you're working on something I plan on working on soon.
  3. In Topic: How to add form validation and prevent from reuploading ?

    Posted 25 Apr 2014

    I suggest using jquery/javascript combined with PHP for what you're after. I know this isn't the forum for it, but I think it'd be a good idea for you.
    This is just a sample of on that I'm working on now.
    This is the PHP code that checks the input
    if($_POST['db_url']=='') {
    	echo "You Must Provide a Server URL.<br>";
    if($_POST['db_port']=='') {
    	echo "You Must Provide a Server Port.<br>";
    if($_POST['db_name']=='') {
    	echo "You Must Provide a MySQL Name.<br>";
    if($_POST['db_user']=='') {
    	echo "You Must Provide a MySQL User.<br>";
    if($_POST['db_pass']=='') {
    	echo "You Must Provide a MySQL Password.<br>";
    	else {
    echo "Connecting to MySQL Server Using Settings <br>";
    echo "Server URL: ".$_POST['db_url']."<br>";
    echo "Server Database: ".$_POST['db_port']."<br>";
    echo "Database Name: ".$_POST['db_name']."<br>";
    echo "Database User: ".$_POST['db_user']."<br>";
    echo "Database Password: ".$_POST['db_pass']."<br>";
    $mysqli = @new mysqli($_POST['db_url'], $_POST['db_user'], $_POST['db_pass'], $_POST['db_name']);
    /* check connection */
    if (mysqli_connect_errno()) {
        printf("Connect failed: %s\n", mysqli_connect_error());

    And then I have the the div reload with the information the PHP files passes whether it be that it was successful or if it wants you to redo some of the info.
    $("#test_connection").submit(function() {
        $.post($(this).attr("action"), $(this).serialize(), function(html) {
        return false; // prevent normal submit

    I know that's not exactly what you were looking for, but it's somewhere to start in my opinion.
  4. In Topic: Letting users create their own blogs on my own website

    Posted 25 Apr 2014

    Curiosity killed the cat Modi.
    Whenever I've created user accounts in a database I usually only have one key. IE
    Table = UserAccounts
    {1} {Admin   }{admin}{123exampleabc}{Avatar,etcetc}

    I'm just curious why you would have a second key for the user.
  5. In Topic: Trying to create an OOP function

    Posted 24 Apr 2014

    It looks like everything is sorted out this way. I am curious as to why you say I'm all over the place though.
    class MySQL {
    var $ServerURL='localhost';
    var $ServerPort='3306';
    var $DataBaseName='test';
    var $DataBaseUser='root';
    var $DataBasePass='';
    public function __construct() {
    	$this->mysqli = new mysqli($this->ServerURL,$this->DataBaseUser,$this->DataBasePass,$this->DataBaseName,$this->ServerPort);
    	if (mysqli_connect_errno()) {
    		printf('failed to connect');
    	else {
    function TestConnection() {
    	$this->result = mysqli_query($this->mysqli, "SELECT * FROM welcome WHERE id =1");
    	while($this->row=mysqli_fetch_object($this->result)) {
    $MySQL = new MySQL;

    Not having any issues that way.

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