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  1. In Topic: what should I do? my error is about cannot find symbol

    Posted 14 Oct 2012

    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    import java.applet.Applet;
    public class MCERC extends Applet implements ItemListener,ActionListener{
    Label	lblName1, lblName2, lblName3;
    Checkbox	chkButton1, chkButton2, chkButton3, chkButton4;
    TextField	TxtTpqty, TxtTpP, TxtLgqty, TxtLgP, TxtTcqty, TxtTcP, TxtHtqty, TxtHtP, TxtDsqty, TxtDsP, TxtSqty, TxtSP, TxtBqty, TxtBP, TxtNqty, TxtNP, TxtKkqty, TxtKkP, TxtMqty, TxtMP, TxtHcqty, TxtHcP, TxtHcHqty, TxtHcHP, TxtSdAqty, TxtSdAP, TxtJqty, TxtJP, TxtFlqty, TxtFlP, TxtFrAmt, TxtFrqty, TxtFrP, TxtSuAmt, TxtSuqty, TxtSuP, TxtBurAmt, TxtBurqty, TxtBurP, TxtPiAmt, TxtPiqty, TxtPiP, TxtErAmt, TxtErqty, TxtErP, TxtTotal1, TxtTotal2, TxtTotal3, TxtTotal4, TxtDis, TxtTi, TxtTa, TxtAr, TxtTc;
    Button	cmdTp, cmdLg, cmdTc, cmdHt, cmdDs, cmdS, cmdB, cmdN, cmdKk, cmdM, cmdHc, cmdHcH, cmdSdA, cmdJ, cmdFl, cmdFr, cmdSu, cmdBur, cmdPi, cmdEr, cmdCompute, cmdReset, cmdPay;
    List	lstBox1, lstBox2, lstBox3, lstBox4, lstBox5;
    String varListItem1, varListItem2, varListItem3, varListItem4, varListItem5;
    int a;
    public void init(){
    setLayout(new GridLayout(10,10));
  2. In Topic: error with file name is not an abstract and does not overide

    Posted 13 Oct 2012

    Thank you ^^ Im just new in java so thanks, you answered my question^^
  3. In Topic: what should I do? my error is about POSSIBLE LOSS OF PRECISION :<

    Posted 12 Oct 2012

    View Postrfs02, on 12 October 2012 - 11:52 AM, said:

    You do need to clean up your code, and you can definitely use some variables.

    Your problem is that varta is an int, whereas varTotal1, varTotal2 and varTotal3 are doubles.

    varta = (varTotal1 + varTotal2 + varTotal3);

    thanks! a lot:))

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