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  1. In Topic: Text from Webpage

    Posted 7 Aug 2013

    It probably is then, for now I'm unable to edit any of my posts, I'll just have to hope people disregard our previous Squabble :P or maybe a kind mod could delete them so that I can have help with my issue, code wise :)
  2. In Topic: Text from Webpage

    Posted 7 Aug 2013

    I do not plan on selling it whatsoever, I just wanted to try and make a tool so that updating plugins is much easier :) Do you think you could tell me how to edit :S
  3. In Topic: Text from Webpage

    Posted 7 Aug 2013

    Please, understand, I did apologise I immediately regret saying what I did. I have no clue how to delete or edit, I can't find a button. I understand if you still wish to not help me. I just felt like by you posting that quote, others would immediately ignore my post believing that I'm attempting to DDoS etc which means I wouldn't get any help :/ Sorry.
  4. In Topic: Text from Webpage

    Posted 7 Aug 2013

    I've had to report that, that's disgusting that you'd purposely insinuate that I'm offending D.I.C TOS because you have the immaturity to not read and just assume based on your quick overview.

    I have no clue how to edit or delete my posts. Sorry that last one was sent in anger, I regret that. The idea is to make it easier for a minecraft server host/admin to check over all their plugins's webpages for their last release because admins have many many plugins, 50-100+, that's a lot of webpages to visit manually. :/
  5. In Topic: Text from Webpage

    Posted 7 Aug 2013

    View Postybadragon, on 07 August 2013 - 05:06 AM, said:

    The use of a program (spider/bot) is restricted in their terms of use located here Curse Terms of Use

    WHAT? NO NO NO????? I'm not trying to DDoS or anything, What the actual hell??????

    You clearly did NOT read my post, all I want is to grab some information from the Bukkit website (Specifically when a plugin was last updated) this is for minecraft for Gods sake????

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