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  1. In Topic: Reading data from a text file into an array of structures

    Posted 2 Sep 2013

    This part of the program is done. Thanks to everyone who posted with suggestions, you were very helpful.
  2. In Topic: Reading data from a text file into an array of structures

    Posted 2 Sep 2013

    Okay. My compiler decided it didn't like something about the return code for the function so I just replaced the code into my main function. The new code puts the data in basically correct until the character at input[index].aircondition, where it doesn't seem to put in anything and starts to get off again. I've tried fgets and fgetc as well as fscanf with the same results.
               else {
              	    while((fscanf(readData,"%d", &input[index].year))>0)  
                     fscanf(readData,"%s", &input[index].make);
                     fgets(input[index].model, 25, readData);
                     fgets(input[index].style, 25, readData);
                     fscanf(readData,"%s", &input[index].color);
                     fscanf(readData,"%s", &input[index].mileage);
                     fscanf(readData,"%c", &input[index].air_condition);
                     fscanf(readData,"%s", &input[index].inventory_num);
                     fscanf(readData,"%lf", &input[index].price);
                     fscanf(readData,"%s", &input[index].previous_owner);
                     printf("Year:%d\n", input[index].year);
                     printf("Make:%s\n", input[index].make);
                     printf("Model:%s\n,", input[index].model);
                     printf("Style:%s\n", input[index].style);
                     printf("Color:%s\n", input[index].color);
                     printf("Mileage:%s\n", input[index].mileage);
                     printf("Air Condition:%c\n", input[index].air_condition);
                     printf("Inventory ID:%s\n", input[index].inventory_num);
                     printf("Price:%lf\n", input[index].price);
                     printf("Previous Owner%s\n", input[index].previous_owner);
                     getchar();//This is so I can see what the program is doing
                  } /* end while */
              }//end else
  3. In Topic: Reading data from a text file into an array of structures

    Posted 2 Sep 2013

    View PostAdak, on 02 September 2013 - 08:01 AM, said:

    feof in C, doesn't work the way you probably expect it to work. Generally causing the last line in the file to be printed out twice.

    Instead of:
    while(!feof(readData)) {
       //several fscanf()'s
       //followed by several printf()'s
    Try this:
    while((fscanf(readData,"%d", &input[index].year))>0) {
       //if you read another year, fscanf() will return 1, so you know you should
       //have a full car's record to be read and printed.
       //so get the rest of the struct members for this record, 
       //and print them as usual.

    If you reach EOF or bad year data that can't be read by fscanf(), then the loop will end. This is not full error elimination by any means, but it's a start, and it will read the file data without repeating the last line.

    Okay, thank you. That helped with the looping problem. I knew feof wasn't good code to be using I just couldn't really think of an alternative that didn't crash the program.

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