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  1. In Topic: insert foreign key of foreign key?

    Posted 27 Apr 2015

    View PostDormilich, on 27 April 2015 - 12:56 PM, said:

    saleID does not belong to a customer, it belongs to a sale date. so you cannot get the saleID based on the date or the customer alone. that is, you need to know the customer and the date beforehand (because (logically) customerID+date is your PK).

    personally, I would have omitted the saledate table altogether and put the date into the SaleDetail table and used customerID instead of saleID (which makes more sense as well).

    PS. your table and field names are highly incoherent.


    here i don't know num 3 is belong to which Customer because saleID is foreign key of one customers

    1) saleID is not an FK in this table, customerID is
    2) because customerID is an FK, you know exactly which customer it belongs to

    thank you so much for your answers,,,
    saledate is used to know how many time that customer bought items , but i didn't thought about putting the date in saleDetail will solve this ,,,, but fortunately you helped me with this many thanks mr.Dormilich
  2. In Topic: could not find file pictureBox

    Posted 25 Mar 2015

    im not sure but if it hasn't path to pictureBox it will show this error and when i got this problem in window application the solution was putting imagelocation ,,, so i don't know but i want to learn from you,, and i hope i can get solution ,,,
  3. In Topic: how connect sqlite db with windows phone 8.1

    Posted 24 Mar 2015

    im working on windows mobile 6.5 but there no big different ..
    to connect you can use
    using Finisar.SQLite;
    // [snip] - As C# is purely object-oriented the following lines must be put into a class:
    SQLiteConnection sqlite_conn; // Declare the SQLiteConnection-Object
    sqlite_conn = new SQLiteConnection(); // Create an instance of the object
    sqlite_conn.ConnectionString = "Data Source=c:\\test-database.db;Version=3;New=True;Compress=True;"; // Set the ConnectionString
    sqlite_conn.Open(); // Open the connection. Now you can fire SQL-Queries

    and take look to this click here
    i do prefer using sql compact then sqlite ;)
  4. In Topic: Display Data in text box based on ID

    Posted 24 Dec 2014

    im working on project may be this example be helpful for you as i hope
     SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("select name,pic from tbimage where ID like('"+textBox1.Text.ToString()+ "%')", cn);
                SqlDataReader dr;
                dr = cmd.ExecuteReader();
                while (dr.Read()) 
                    string smd = (string)dr["name"];//in here you write the cell you want applay
                    label1.Text = smd;// and here you put that variable 
    //or you can use like textbox1.text=smd;
                    byte[] imagg = (byte[])(dr["pic"]);
                    if (imagg == null)
                        pictureBox1.Image = null;
                        MemoryStream stream = new MemoryStream(imagg);
                        pictureBox1.Image = System.Drawing.Image.FromStream(stream);
  5. In Topic: printing data to report

    Posted 18 Dec 2014

    hi everyone ,,
    before some day i asked this question and i was stuck in there but fortunately after some days i figured out the solution and i wanted to share in here may one day be helpful to someone
    if u got something like this all you have to do
    1:-right click in crystal report detail
    2:- select design
    3:- go to page setup
    4:- select the printer that you want print your reports
    5:- change the size to the correct size
    and write you query ,,,,,

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