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  1. In Topic: Splitting text lines in Python, how to say when NOT to split?

    Posted 4 Aug 2015

    i.e. in particular adds to the challenge. A regular expression like this \b(\w+)\b\. will capture the word(s) that appear before a full stop, but i and e will be two separate words. But the OP could just look for a word of length 1, as I cannot think of a sentence that ends with a single character, A?

    Added: Well, after a moment's thought, there are sentences that can end with a single letter:

    "Multiplication is represented by the symbol x."

    BTW When posting Python code please ensure that the indenting is retained.
  2. In Topic: how read serial port

    Posted 4 Aug 2015

    Did you take the advice in my previous post?

    If your Timer interval is 1s then this won't be in sync with the sending of the data. It is likely that a value can have changed between timer-ticks. A simple solution would be to reduce the timer interval.
  3. In Topic: Multi-threading WebBrowser

    Posted 4 Aug 2015

    What web sites are these that change so frequently? If they are updating values this often then it is likely they have APIs, or some kind of Web Service, that would allow you to read the values directly.
  4. In Topic: Need help with the query to select all

    Posted 4 Aug 2015

    if($_POST["loom"] == "all"){

    You are assuming that this $_POST element exists. Look into the isset() and empty() functions. But every single example I've ever seen demonstrates some way to check if the form has been submitted so I am very surprised that this is stumping you.

    Note that the width and align attributes of table elements are no longer supported in HTML5. Use CSS instead.
  5. In Topic: Hamming distance via bit_count error

    Posted 4 Aug 2015

    Your post is very confusing, but I guess that you are missing how to use the WHERE clause.

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    matt4051 Icon

    23 Jul 2015 - 16:21
    Offers really good help, i am very appreciated that he took the time to check my work out
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    _KABOOSE_ Icon

    05 Jul 2015 - 12:28
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    mbole87 Icon

    01 Apr 2015 - 00:58
    Andrewsw helps me second time, awesome.
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    farad Icon

    15 Nov 2014 - 16:34
    One of the best...
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    abdalraheem Icon

    31 Dec 2013 - 04:59
  6. Photo

    Michael26 Icon

    14 Nov 2013 - 04:21
    Boom, 2000 rep points :)
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    laytonsdad Icon

    21 Aug 2013 - 14:03
    Getting close to 1500 rep, you are a robot.
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    Flukeshot Icon

    14 Jul 2013 - 16:09
    1337 reputation points, truely elite!
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    Michael26 Icon

    09 Jun 2013 - 14:11
    Wow andrew, you're on fire this month
    82 reputation points, nice :)
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    Michael26 Icon

    27 May 2013 - 16:14
    Great for you andrew, keep up the good work :)
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    jon.kiparsky Icon

    15 May 2013 - 13:13
    Jinx, buy me a coke!
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    laytonsdad Icon

    29 Mar 2013 - 14:15
    You are awesome.
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    kai_itz me Icon

    19 Mar 2013 - 23:10
    superb keep going....
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    _HAWK_ Icon

    04 Mar 2013 - 23:18
    Diggin on your Avatar man!
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    raghav.naganathan Icon

    26 Feb 2013 - 03:05
    Congrats on the 500 Mr.Enlightened :)
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