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  1. In Topic: with c# in visual studio 2010

    Posted 6 May 2013

    View Postrgfirefly24, on 06 May 2013 - 07:31 AM, said:

    1. Figure out what database you want to use, create the needed TABLES to store the data
    2. Create a Connection object to said database. Either OLEDBConnection or SQLConnection
    3. Create a Command Object and setup the parameters with it. either OLEDBCommand or SQLCommand
    4. In one of said parameters you will use an INSERT statement to INSERT the data into your TABLE that will hold log in data

    Take the above steps, attempt to do it yourself, and if you have any problems come back with specifics and the supporting errors/code and we can help you then. We do not and will not write your code for you.

    Actually i want to do do it through stored procedure method that when the user enter the login and password the query runs and check the login and password and login the user what should code statements should i use in login.aspx.cs file
  2. In Topic: How do i generate random numbers that are a valid sudoku board?

    Posted 14 Dec 2012

    the rand function does not provide random number more randomly but using srand with it will generate random number more accurately.this is my blog which explains how to generate random number.
  3. In Topic: Binary tree program

    Posted 13 Dec 2012

    in binary tree height balancing is not necessary it is necessary in two three tree

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