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  1. In Topic: Hello. Just became WM of a company website, help me solve stuffs pleas

    Posted 21 Dec 2012

    creativecoding >> thank you
    laytonsdad >> thank you
    Jstall >> to be completely honest, im a packet monkey that has seen may of days. i used to mess around with geocities to give you an idea. my friend chong has a nice company / website with a programmer who left him high and dry, and this is where i come in. Ive seen and done some things, but as far as wordpress, i am learning as i go. So I have had to learn what this was all about and how the last coder did his damn thing. Real fun like.
    no2pencil> creating a test site is out of the question because most of the code must have relative links because it would not work properly outside of that dir.

    the main code in question is really the left hand navigation. the pages are in an algorithm with parents and children. i am slowly understanding. the wordpress content is submitted and this shell i am providing is the left hand nav, footer and what not...

    keep the positive feedback coming my way !!

    Does anyone have WP experience ???

  2. In Topic: Hello. Just became WM of a company website, help me solve stuffs pleas

    Posted 20 Dec 2012

    Lol, thank you all so very much for your input. I am a new membur, let me just say i am finding this site to be a mixed bag of feedback.

    The Owner of my newly acquired site blew up my phone saying he had an urgent message. Apparently someone contacted him and said it was very unprofessional that i asked this ?

    To this i say thank you for your concern, and well being of my site, my apologies for asking ..

    Thank you to those who sent me constructive feed back it is much appreciated. :)

    View Postcreativecoding, on 19 December 2012 - 04:59 PM, said:

    I would guess that they have a .htaccess file redirecting files. With htaccess files you can use mod-rewrite to "rewrite" URLs. So .com/green-homes might go to a page like .com/file.php?page=green-homes

    Try to find the .htaccess (usually in the topmost public directory) and post it here.

    I have been seeing a lot about the .htaccess file. So if one were to want to generate a new directory, they would need to do it in this file ?


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