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  1. In Topic: what is the best way to create a site look a like Ebay

    Posted 30 Dec 2012

    Thank you so much atli
    ok i have looked a bit online and like u said i found something it seems to be useful
    like this one using Drupal i believe u know it , i have never worked with it but i am familiar with joomla which i believe they have the same foundation only that drupal is very suited to developers
    Drupal commerce is an open source eCommerce framework. Used to build truly flexible eCommerce websites and applications based on Drupal
    so u would advice me with this ? :genius: :2guns:
  2. In Topic: what is the best way to create a site look a like Ebay

    Posted 30 Dec 2012

    Thanks a lot for ur answer
    but i can see that u got me wrong, first i am a member of a team each one of us will cover an aspect and we will develop our web experience through time, in addition i am so sorry i didn't make my question clear so much so here is my idea well organized
    It's a market of some products of a well known stores in our country, so it's the administrator of the site who will daily update the products of each store, besides in our site the user can't buy from our site he can just watch the product and see it's characteristic i hope now u got me now

    and finally through this project i believe we will learn a lot of stuff in web development so it's not gonna be taken lightly and done rashly as u said, because we won't post it online without making sure that it's totally done


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