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  1. In Topic: Some kind of registry read redirect

    Posted 1 Jan 2013

    The software I am trying to "fool" can have a secondary display active. The secondary display automatically is activated in full screen mode on the first screen to the left of the main screen. So if I have two displays: display 1 next to main, on the left, and display 2 next to display one, on the left (kind of 2, 1, main), the secondary software screen shows up in full screen mode only on display 1. I want main window on the main screen, and secondary window on screen 2. Obviously I want everything to stay the same in Windows and everywhere else, but to "fool" my App to believe that screen 2 is next to the main screen and screen 1 is on the far side. So basically what I need is a fake key, with fake display 1 position and a way to redirect the App to read that key instead of the original one. That's why changing the values in the registry is not a solution for me right now.

    Pretty simple, not trying to circumvent anything, and please don't assume things about what I'm trying to do :). My software is pretty much in legal working condition, unfortunately Adobe won't listen to a poor user demands and create a new software version for me, nor will they give me access to the source codes so I can treat the way I want the secondary screen positioning. Understood? :)

    Skydiver - I'll read the documentation again, and see if I can find anything useful to what I need. Thanks.

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