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  1. In Topic: Pointer to a local variable

    Posted 6 Jan 2013

    Thank guys for helping.
    I suspected the wrong cause of the problem, there was no problem doing the mentioned way except that it uses additional unnecessary memory (the pointer).
    The problem was because of another thread writing to the same memory location and overriding its value.
  2. In Topic: Pointer to a local variable

    Posted 3 Jan 2013

    Hi JackOfAllTrades,
    Thank you for quick reply.

    [code](do everything with pinstance)[code]

    this part just basically sets value for members of struct A (excluding id), nothing more.

    I used pointer to the local variable for convenience reason with other part of the code. Now it is like that and I am wondering what was the cause of the problem that the value of pinstance->id has changed.

    Can it be that the address of instance is changed at some point and pinstance keeps pointing to the old address?

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