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Jack of all Languages > Fixing Java on the Desktop

Posted 31 January 2015

Java has a poor reputation for writing desktop applications. This is despite having no fewer than three GUI toolkits in its core libraries. It has the Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) which uses the native operating system's UI controls. The AWT has been long superseded by Swing. Swing uses lightweight controls (i.e. drawn by Java, not the OS)...

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Jack of all Languages > Some Blogs I Like

Posted 12 November 2014

Finding good programming blogs is a tricky business. Here is a list I have curated over the last couple of years.

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Jack of all Languages > My Code Has Dozens of Errors

Posted 21 October 2014

Imagine the situation: You're in your programming 101 class and are working on your homework assignment. You have to write a program to do something. Mortgages seem to be a dull but popular topic.

So, you're writing your dull Mortgage program (like you will even care what a mortgage is for another decade). You might have spent a couple of...

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Jack of all Languages > Shaking up the Industry with Scala

Posted 13 October 2014

There is soon to be a big change wrought on the programming community, and it is going to be driven by hardware. Processor speed is about as fast as it can be with current technology. To satisfy the need for speed, manufacturers are combining several chips into parallel processors. Multicore is the future and that means concurrent...

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Jack of all Languages > Humbled by Prolog

Posted 06 October 2014

I was very excited to reach Prolog. It was something completely new to me, so much so that it made me feel like a complete beginner in a way that nothing in programming has in a very long time.

I'm working my way through Seven Languages in Seven Weeks by Bruce Tate. So far we have explored Ruby and Io.

Prolog is a declarative language....

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  1. Photo

    burakaltr Icon

    06 Mar 2013 - 18:18
    Thanks for Your Precious Input. I Found the character counting thing very bedazzling. I have the code to it that I wrote Myself, but it took me Long to find a subtle Algorithm :)
  2. Photo

    cfoley Icon

    18 Oct 2011 - 03:29
    Cheers! The next one is in progress, but I'm having to learn and write some programs first. It's going to take a little time...
  3. Photo

    Dogstopper Icon

    18 Oct 2011 - 03:24
    Nice blog. Can't wait to see more
  4. Photo

    ayaz 786123 Icon

    25 Feb 2011 - 06:49
    have a nice day sir
  5. Photo

    cfoley Icon

    16 Feb 2011 - 17:26
    Oooh thanks! Your comment is the first I heard!
  6. Photo

    m-e-g-a-z Icon

    16 Feb 2011 - 15:34
    Congrats on becoming a Forum Leader! :)
  7. Photo

    Dogstopper Icon

    08 Jan 2011 - 23:49
    "Cabbage" is much better! :D
  8. Photo

    cfoley Icon

    06 Jan 2011 - 16:19
    Cheers dude!
  9. Photo

    Dogstopper Icon

    06 Jan 2011 - 14:36
    "Purple DIC-headed Warrior" doesn't quite apply now that you got the promotion. Well done!
  10. Photo

    DaneAU Icon

    08 Sep 2010 - 09:19
    "cfoley has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?"
    I don't have many comments either, so i am only doing what the thingy below said to do, hello cfoley and thanks for the thanks :)
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