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  1. In Topic: GIT Reset --hard forces me to push a lot of files

    Posted 15 Dec 2014

    Did you ever do any history rewriting stuff?
  2. In Topic: Timestamping Issue in BigInteger Calculations

    Posted 15 Dec 2014

    It's a common misconception that compareTo often returns -1, 0 or 1. It's actually <0, 0 or >0. If the condition for your while loop works, it's by accident rather than design and that behaviour might change in a future Java release.

    There may also be other problems but without more code it's impossible to say.
  3. In Topic: GIT Reset --hard forces me to push a lot of files

    Posted 11 Dec 2014

    I don't know so here is how I would approach finding out...

    Clone a new repo from the remote to somewhere on your system.
    Clone another new repo from your working copy.
    Change the remotes on the second of these clones to point at the first of these clones.

    Now you have an identical setup which if you break, you can just delete.
  4. In Topic: What language most affected the way you think about progamming?

    Posted 2 Dec 2014

    At what stage?

    BASIC was my first language so that introduced me to imperative programming (Sinclair BASIC) and structured programming (QBASIC).

    I have probably done most of my learning and experimenting since then in Java which introduced me to object orientation and concurrency. This is probably the single biggest influence since it was my language of choice (still is) when I began to learn about design and development practices. Most of the way of thinking I have learned from other languages has helped me to write better Java programs.

    Haskell was my first taste that things could be done differently, although my first attempt at learning it stalled early on. Ruby helped ease me into being more comfortable with functional programming and Lisp showed me just how simple and powerful the core ideas are.

    Dabbling in SQL and Prolog showed me that programming can be done at a higher level than specifying an algorithm. I've still to investigate these languages (esp Prolog) and ideas properly.

    Clojure (and watching some of the talks by Rich Hickey) has got me thinking more about concurrency. I think the gist is that most of the problems we have with concurrency are due to a broken programming model. It's another area that I want to explore more in depth.
  5. In Topic: goto

    Posted 28 Nov 2014

    Maybe, but only if you want to.

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    burakaltr Icon

    06 Mar 2013 - 18:18
    Thanks for Your Precious Input. I Found the character counting thing very bedazzling. I have the code to it that I wrote Myself, but it took me Long to find a subtle Algorithm :)
  2. Photo

    cfoley Icon

    18 Oct 2011 - 03:29
    Cheers! The next one is in progress, but I'm having to learn and write some programs first. It's going to take a little time...
  3. Photo

    Dogstopper Icon

    18 Oct 2011 - 03:24
    Nice blog. Can't wait to see more
  4. Photo

    ayaz 786123 Icon

    25 Feb 2011 - 06:49
    have a nice day sir
  5. Photo

    cfoley Icon

    16 Feb 2011 - 17:26
    Oooh thanks! Your comment is the first I heard!
  6. Photo

    m-e-g-a-z Icon

    16 Feb 2011 - 15:34
    Congrats on becoming a Forum Leader! :)
  7. Photo

    Dogstopper Icon

    08 Jan 2011 - 23:49
    "Cabbage" is much better! :D
  8. Photo

    cfoley Icon

    06 Jan 2011 - 16:19
    Cheers dude!
  9. Photo

    Dogstopper Icon

    06 Jan 2011 - 14:36
    "Purple DIC-headed Warrior" doesn't quite apply now that you got the promotion. Well done!
  10. Photo

    DaneAU Icon

    08 Sep 2010 - 09:19
    "cfoley has no profile comments yet. Why not say hello?"
    I don't have many comments either, so i am only doing what the thingy below said to do, hello cfoley and thanks for the thanks :)
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