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  1. In Topic: Control's Property doesn't render in IE10 or later version.

    Posted 16 Jan 2014

    View Postandrewsw, on 16 January 2014 - 07:23 PM, said:

    The correct rendering should be:
    <span id="lblName" style="width: 300px;"></span>


    What I view in IE10/IE11 is

    <span id="lblName"></span>

    Actually I've tried out a way that it does work.

    It is to set the property in the sytle attrubute at first,just like

    <asp:Label id="lblName" runat="server" style="width:300px;"></asp:Label>

    But I still wonder how the situation happen.

    By the way , I did set <!DOCTYPE HTML> at first line , does it count as the HTML declaration?
  2. In Topic: How to update after the web service has been changed ?

    Posted 20 Apr 2013

    View PostBetaWar, on 19 April 2013 - 01:45 PM, said:

    This question is quite vague making it hard to answer properly,.......

    BetaWar,Thanks for your response.

    I'm sorry the question is too vague to make you misunderstand.

    So let me try to explain it more clear.

    My website has included a web service.

    Usually , when we want to join a web service , we'll type in the web service's URL at first.

    For example , the URL might seem like 「」

    But the URL might be changed into 「」 a few months later.

    Then I just remove the orginal web service in my website, and rejoin the web service by new URL .

    Then I deploy this website again.

    So here is my question. If I want to update my website, should I just update the bin directory that I've deployed?
  3. In Topic: Cast from type 'DBNull' to type 'Integer' is not valid

    Posted 14 Mar 2013

    I suggest that you can check the following three points :

    First: your code should look like this


    Second: the property 「AllowDbNull」 in the datatable is 「true」

    Third: to check that is there any comparison in the method 「GetSetUpData」? If it does. check whether the type is converted implicitly.

    Just my simple thinkings.hope that it is helpful.
  4. In Topic: Does AJAX affect session timeout?

    Posted 5 Feb 2013

    View PostDormilich, on 05 February 2013 - 06:05 AM, said:

    of course. AJAX does a HTTP Request, sen.........

    Is there any suggestion to achieve this goal?

    Or the user counter and session timeout could not exist together??
  5. In Topic: Calling the procedure at the same time

    Posted 5 Feb 2013

    1.The users are not using the same machine.

    2.The procedure is to delete existed data first, then insert into calculated data again.(which means that the table is being locked)

    3.The error message is related to the locked table.(I guess that it is because of trying to manipulate the locked table)

    Actually I have considered about the solution of database flag.But what I worry is some exceptions.

    For example.The user might get shutdown during the process of calculating score.

    Or the user might think that the process spends too much time, then just close the explorer.

    When these situations happen, the database flag might be 「locked」 permanently.

    So I am just curious about how to avoid these exceptions ?

    By the way:「h4nnib4l」 and 「rgfirefly24」 , thanks for you two suggestions. That is really helpful. ^ ^

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