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  1. In Topic: random number generator that wont pull same number twice in a row

    Posted 17 Feb 2014

    View Postthecoat, on 16 February 2014 - 07:52 AM, said:

    When you instantiate an integer variable it initially has a value of zero.

    Dim number As Integer

    Dim number As Integer = 0

    Dim number As Integer
    number = 0

    All three of these pieces of code end up in the same result. So any time Label2.text does not equal 0 when you call the function it is being set to 0 because the random call inside the do loop is skipped.

    Change line 2 to this:

    Dim number As Integer = CInt(Label2.Text)

    thank you. very helpfull!
  2. In Topic: random number generator that wont pull same number twice in a row

    Posted 16 Feb 2014

    i realize getting the same number twice in a row is random. just for my use i can not have the same number twice in a row.

      Dim rndnumber As Random
            Dim number As Integer
            rndnumber = New Random
            Do Until number <> Label2.Text
                number = rndnumber.Next(1, 5)
            Label2.Text = number.ToString

    here is my random number generator. the number generator works fine until i add the loop. with the loop added it will start returning zero as one of my random numbers which i dont understand. my random number need to be 1-4. with out the loop it never gives me a zero.

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