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  1. In Topic: Reading in a text file with new line delimiter.

    Posted 23 Feb 2014

    Yes that makes sense now. I thought since I was using it that I had to include it, but I don't.
  2. In Topic: Reading in a text file with new line delimiter.

    Posted 23 Feb 2014

    Can you explain where this is happening in the code and why?

    OK. So my code does work. But I was including the file.
    #include "words.txt"

    Which apparently is why it wasn't working. It works when I removed it.

    Thank you all for your help. I really appreciate it.
  3. In Topic: Reading in a text file with new line delimiter.

    Posted 23 Feb 2014

    It is in the same directory. I is indeed opening the file but is throwing errors about delimiters. For example in unix running with g++ :

    wordlist2.txt: 498841:1: error: missing terminating ' character
    wordlist2.txt:498875:13 warning: missing terminating ' character [enabled by default] 
      at your wits' end

    And in visual studios:

    Error	2	error C4430: missing type specifier - int assumed. Note: C++ does not support default-int	
    Error	14	error C2146: syntax error : missing ';' before identifier 'mouse'	
  4. In Topic: Trie search with regex.

    Posted 23 Feb 2014

    Thank you I used this code as a guide and it seems to work fine. Now I have to figure out how to create a list of all possible matches withing the trie. For example: if the input is "*a*", then I need to return a list of all matches in the trie, like: cat, hat, bat, can, ban ... all the words with an 'a' in the second position of the string with the string being 3 characters long. Any suggestions on how I could start? But thank you again I really appreciate it.
  5. In Topic: Searching partial strings.

    Posted 13 Feb 2014

    View Postmojo666, on 12 February 2014 - 10:21 PM, said:

    Can you be more specific of what's not working? Is it matching anything?

    The one thing I do notice is that you need to use two slashes. "\w" makes the compiler think the w is something special like how "\n" is newline. The compiler will interpret "\\w" as "\w".

    Wow that fixed it! I knew it would be something simple that I was overlooking. With the fix it returns only the 3 letter words with a in the middle.

    Thank you.

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