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  1. In Topic: Help with having the program run again

    Posted 6 Feb 2013

    Thank you for the help greatly appreciate it
  2. In Topic: Help with having the program run again

    Posted 6 Feb 2013

    Thank you i can now take in the the char, i put an 's' at the end of arg and i made nextLine(); to next(); one more question now my program wont make the letter capital why is that?
  3. In Topic: how to get my program to run

    Posted 1 Feb 2013

    when i put in the numbers it crashes right after when it gets to the two methods i wrote.
  4. In Topic: how to get my program to run

    Posted 30 Jan 2013

    so i'm getting this to run but it says i still have errors

    import java.util.Scanner; 
    public class HeatIndexCalculator {
    	   public int currentTemp;
    	    public double currenHumidity;
    	  	double heatIndex;
    	    double calculatedHeatIndex;
    		double c1 =     -42.379;
    		double c2 =  2.04901523;
    		double c3 = 10.14333127;
    		double c4 =  -.22475541;
    		double c5 =  -.00683783;
    		double c6 =  -.05481717;
    		double c7 =   .00122874;
    		double c8 =  -.00085282;
    		double c9 =  -.00000199;
    		public double calculateHeatIndex(int currentTemp, double currentHumidity){
    			double one;
    			double two;
    			double three;
    			double four;
    			one = c1+c2*currentTemp+c3*currentHumidity;
    			two = c4*currentTemp*currentHumidity+c5*(currentTemp*currentTemp);
    			three= c6*(currentHumidity*currentHumidity )+c7*(currentTemp*currentTemp)*currentHumidity;
    			four = c8*currentTemp*(currentHumidity*currentHumidity)+c9*(currentTemp*currentTemp)*(currentHumidity*currentHumidity);
    			return heatIndex;
    		public void printHeatIndex(int currentTemp, double currentHumidity){
    			System.out.printf("At a temperature of %i F and a humidity of %i percent\n",currentTemp,currentHumidity);
    			System.out.printf("It actually feels like:%i F", calculateHeatIndex(currentTemp,currentHumidity));
    		public static void main(String[] arg){
    			Scanner input = new Scanner (;
    			int a;
    			double b;
    			System.out.println("Please enter the current temperature in degrees fahrenheit");
    			System.out.println("please enter the current humidity as a percentage");
    			HeatIndexCalculator test1 = new HeatIndexCalculator();
    			test1.calculateHeatIndex(a, B)/>;
    	        test1.printHeatIndex(a, B)/>;

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