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  1. In Topic: Help with life/job issue...

    Posted 4 Nov 2013

    View Postmodi123_1, on 31 October 2013 - 12:30 PM, said:


    I would love to get a job in web development but I don't think my skills are up to par for anything out there right now without learning a lot more.

    Have you applied for any jobs? You won't know where you are until you try.. else you get into this cycle of fear of failing and just flat out fail to launch.


    I guess I'm looking for any ideas out there. I live in NJ and there are a decent amount of jobs in all areas but it feels like nothing I would qualify for.

    Ideas for what? How to apply for a job? A swift kick in the ass to have you actually apply? To tell you it's all right and your skillz are l33t enough to get a job?

    You have four posts in about ten months.. I have no idea who you are, what you actually learned, where your skill set is, if you have anything to show, or any of that jazz. Only you know. Go find a tech recruiter in town (lord knows enough call me on a weekly basis), polish up the resume, apply for a few web dev jobs..


    It has nothing to do with not wanting to work I just have a major desire to work on what I know I like and will hopefully bring in money.
    I also don't want to get into a career outside of development/programming and put all my time into something else when I can be putting it into something I know I like.

    Some days you need to suck it up and get a job you don't necessarily enjoy because you have a family. You have two kids and a wife that depend on you to help keep food on the table, a roof over their head, and clothes on their back. If you are too fearful to apply for an entry level job then find work elsewhere. Manage a Kinkos, telemarketing, or something else.

    Sure it's not development work, but it's an income. What? That's not fair and you want to work in a career field that you are passionate about? Well, tough titties. The world isn't fair, and priorities are priorities. Either you can help take care of the family in a punch-a-clock job (and work on your web dev skills in the evenings to be applied in a BETTER job when you are in a better spot), or... OR... you moan and fritter away doubting your skills, not applying for jobs until you hit that phantom bar you put up, and only looking for a job in a field you like.

    If you are not going to apply for a web dev job now then one of those options provides financial coverage for your top priority (*cough* family) and you just need to burn a bit more of the midnight oil on the web dev learning.. the other keeps you in the same rut as you, some would say, selfishly gamble for a fictitious work place of personal happiness.

    No one said the first option means you never ever get to be a web dev.. no.. it's just a stopgap to get income, keep the resume active, and buy you time to assemble a better web dev portfolio.

    Again - all of this predicates on you not applying for jobs now.

    cliff notes
    -- apply for jobs now / find a recruiter for web dev jobs.
    -- failing that nut up and get a non tech job
    -- -- keep working on the web dev
    -- -- after your skills have advanced get web dev job.
    -- nut up and realize your priorities.

    Hi! Thank you so much for the honest down to earth back to reality reply! I think this is what I needed. Would you mind if I pm you?

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