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  1. In Topic: Correct approch to first project

    Posted 11 Sep 2014

    View PostSalem_c, on 11 September 2014 - 01:35 AM, said:

    Looks good to me :)/>

    I would suggest that after step 3, you have a good review of how your process worked (so far).

    - it took you 2 weeks, you found it relatively easy, the code looks fairly clean, and it basically worked first time (excluding all the silly mistakes which were quickly fixed), then go on to step 4.

    - it took you 8+ weeks, you found it hard going, the code is all over the place, and you keep finding obscure bugs which are hard to track down (and even harder to fix in the messy code), then I would suggest you throw the whole lot away and start again. Try to understand why this happened (didn't understand the spec, design too weak or incomplete), and try to improve on those areas before starting another code session.

    Actually, and I say this in the nicest possible way, I hope you fail (just once mind you - just don't give up). For one thing, failure teaches you far more than any amount of book reading (or easy success) could ever hope to. It also makes the final success that much sweeter.

    Also invest some time in Version Control Software (I prefer GIT). Commit everything that compiles. Label everything when a new functional step is achieved. When you notice that something has broken, you can step back through the history to find out when (and why) it got broken.

    If you make this happen, you'll be in a much better place that all those wannabe "hello world"/"gimmetehcodez" 'programmers' that drive though the forums on a regular basis.

    Thanks. Hope it works. The havoc starts today. Here is My github https://github.com/Alex-Nabu. So you can look at it in a week or so and see where I am



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