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  1. In Topic: How Do I Become a 3D Game Programmer

    Posted 23 Feb 2013

    View PostButchDean, on 23 February 2013 - 03:44 PM, said:

    I honestly am aware that you can learn a lot from tutorials out there, but to be a pro game dev does require an education unless you have unreal talent. :)/>

    lol whats wrong with unreal talent.btw about to take a proper shot at that challenge do i need to be proficent in oop to solve it as i havent refreshed there as yet am in the process tho
  2. In Topic: How Do I Become a 3D Game Programmer

    Posted 23 Feb 2013

    again i thank you for all your input butch dean in apticular and everyone who communicated with me. trust me i hear what you are saying and appreciate you takeing the time out to show me i do think however with enough motivationa and the proper guidance( and i do think their are people who out of the sake of learning and the willingness to see people better themselves are willing to share what they know and assist in guidance) a university level of software development skill can be aquired without actually going to university.And as the same colleage professers go ahead a write books and have online blogs and lectures with the proper application it is heighly plausible that a non collage graduate could be a better programmer thn a collage graduate......

    however seeing as this is comeing from you butchdean one of those experts i would have been hopefull to learn from i consider it wise to re-acess my moves and plans and the way i will execute them and hopefully achieve my goals.again thanks a million for your time
  3. In Topic: How Do I Become a 3D Game Programmer

    Posted 23 Feb 2013

    View Postmacosxnerd101, on 23 February 2013 - 12:21 PM, said:

    There are a lot of things that go into being a Game Programmer beyond programming. I think everyone here will agree college isn't the only, or even the best, way to learn how programming. College gives you the opportunity to explore a lot of math, physics, and CS related areas that are important. In a research university environment, there will be people with a lot of knowledge about important topics like AI, human-computer interaction, 3D graphics, etc. These topics could be covered in more depth than you may necessarily be able to get on your own. Especially as you move up in your course work, it will be harder to self-teach it; and having someone there to explain is a great help.

    This is what i agree with 100% thats why i was hopeing to find these forums and the poeple here a grat resource as i think even if i was to go to colleage honestly in jamaica i dont think the universities here or in the area have the technical know how or expertice i was hopeing for.we dont have a lot of 3dprogrammers if any.so are you saying that university envirolment cannot be replicated by say the internet and a good forum and maybe some expert friends over the net?
  4. In Topic: How Do I Become a 3D Game Programmer

    Posted 23 Feb 2013

    hey this is not a debate you guys im not disagreeing that if you want to become all pro sony and all that you will almost certainly need a digree am just saying that you can be just as good without one.forget my first post and what kind of dreamer i sound like to you isnt that one proven fact true?

    let me clear it up for you dean and thanks for all your co-reponding and advising the reason y i may seem confused to you.i love programming i really do as we speak im refineing my skills with bjourne stroustup's book and some activities and excercises and like how im set up now gonna take a crack at that challenge but i dont just want to program its more like something i love to do but professionaly i think on average they if they manage to get a solid job are underpaid for the material they have to know. i likke more being in charge of stuff and heence why i said i would want to own a studio.

    the reason why i braught u sony is because i recognize them as industry leaders and would like the oppertunity to learn from them or anyone affiliated with them and has the know how about programming.

    all in all i think if you and i can do the same work but you have a paper saying you can its not a big deal to me if your all saying collage is the only way to learn how to become a heigh caliber programmer i disagree.Aagain im not trying to get hired by sony just yet im just trying to learn what they know
  5. In Topic: How Do I Become a 3D Game Programmer

    Posted 22 Feb 2013

    View Postwizdumb, on 21 February 2013 - 11:51 PM, said:

    I'm sorry but, is this kid doing a really bad troll on you guys? Seriously? It sounds to me like he's asking to how start a career?

    Step 1: Go to college.
    Step 2: Graduate at the top of your class while gaining internship experience at a good company/institution/etc. AND Rank top 3 for the IDGF: student showcase with a revolutionary game.
    Step 3: (Simpsons yakov smirnoff voice) Sony applies for you.

    lol thats funny no i wasnt asking that at all and disagree if you will but i dont think you have to go to colleage or graduate at the top of your class to be a good programmer.if you have a degree thats great but it really dosnt make you a better programmer than that of the nerdy kid who studies all the material at home,makes you qualified but not better

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