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  1. In Topic: RAM & Cache

    Posted 21 Aug 2014

    means no cache...lets say we keep everything the same and just get rid of cache.. could we have a computer..what im trying to understand is without cache isit possible to create a computer..
  2. In Topic: RAM & Cache

    Posted 21 Aug 2014

    So we could potentially have a computer made solely out of RAM as its main memory it would just be slower because its further away from the CPU right?
  3. In Topic: Virtual Memory

    Posted 6 Aug 2014

    but all the programs that were stored into the virtual space would be deleted once the computer was turned off correct?
  4. In Topic: Question on compilers

    Posted 17 Jul 2014

    The reason I am asking is because I have read a statement which says

    "Interpreters and compilers being lower level layers to communicate high level code to machine code. interpreters will find errors in source code before they are run, whereas compilers will execute code regardless of whether it contains errors"

    now I disagree with this statement because whenever i compile code and it has a syntax error it throws an error. But what i dont understand is what is meant by lower level layers, this is why I asked if they were programs, I did a google search and I do agree they are program because they deliver functionality to us the user to convert our code into machine code, however, I wanted to see what the community thought.
  5. In Topic: Audio signal to Digital

    Posted 17 Jul 2014

    View PostSkydiver, on 17 July 2014 - 03:20 PM, said:

    Why did you choose 400? Why did you choose 64?

    ahm just as numbers to work with..more interested in how i would work it out.

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