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  1. In Topic: Prospective Computer Science Student after graduation:

    Posted 22 Mar 2013

    I don't have three degrees actually. I'm in my second semester in the MBS so I don't have that degree yet, and thought I have taken all the courses for both biotechnology and marine biology, I only have one degree for it. It just says I have majored in both. Furthermore, I understand your point that I should just look harder - which I will.

    I just wanted to get input on how much getting a CS degree would do for my case. It seems not much more than just taking some computer courses would.
  2. In Topic: Prospective Computer Science Student after graduation:

    Posted 21 Mar 2013

    You were right about me doing things wrong on my job search. It seems since I'm only in my second semester as a graduate student, I'm not far enough into my degree that companies are willing to keep me around until I graduate. Therefore, taking courses in computer science (not sure of particulars yet, I am awaiting a reply from my adviser on that) seems more fruitful at this point than gambling on landing an internship. If I get an internship, I can always just drop the courses before the summer. However, if I don't find an internship, I want to have a solid back-up to fall on for the summer time and planning ahead is never a bad idea.

    My primary interests now revolve around combining my interest and knowledge in biology (marine biology, biotechnology, and microbiology). As far as my research goes, the best careers for such a case would either be modelling of oceans or biological systems or bioinformatics which would mean creating algorithms that aid in annotation and analysis of DNA information. The link between computer science and biology is that biology has surpassed the era of "test tubes and Petri dishes" due to the information age and will need more scientists that can use computers to analyze data for them.

    As of now, I'm still in the researching point and haven't made a solid decision on which courses to take.
  3. In Topic: Prospective Computer Science Student after graduation:

    Posted 20 Mar 2013

    I guess I'm just really worried I'm not able to find any internships in my field as well as want a way to make use of the free time. Certainly getting a Master's in the future is just thinking ahead, but if the possibility remains, it would certainly open doors.

    My interest is in Bioinformatics, but at this point, I'm really just looking for a job. My greatest fear is not being able to find work and I don't want to feel I could have done more with my time in hindsight. I understand where you're coming from with me not being able to find a job, but I have mostly applied to internships and have not heard back from them yet. If I can make use of the time wisely, at least I won't have regrets in the future. That is all. It seemed that computer science is the best supplement anyone can have for a degree, so I started thinking about computer science courses.

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