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  1. In Topic: Error: Overload resolution failed... number of arguments

    Posted 14 Sep 2014

    View Postandrewsw, on 14 September 2014 - 11:14 AM, said:

    You have mis-spelt collision here:
    Public Sub CheckCollison(ByVal src As PictureBox)

    so there isn't a method named CheckCollision that has one argument.

    Sometimes you just need fresh eyes to look at it, to see things like this, thanks!
  2. In Topic: Variable Printing Python 3.4

    Posted 14 Sep 2014

    View Postjon.kiparsky, on 14 September 2014 - 09:44 AM, said:

    print 'You entered: ' , x , '.'

    This should work for you:
    print('You entered %s.'% x)


    View Postandrewsw, on 14 September 2014 - 09:50 AM, said:

    What’s New In Python 3.0

    I am not sure what article you are reading to help you convert, but the print() function will definitely appear very near the top of this list. If you search there are even a number of conversion tools.

    This is actually the article I was looking at. Must of missed anyways, thanks!
  3. In Topic: I get syntax eror everytime i run it after 'guess lower'

    Posted 13 Sep 2014

    As I now see you are using Python 2.7, my last post is not very useful to you.

    There are two simple problems with the code,
    • Missing the 'third' parameter in the randint function. Resource
    • Have an 'x' where an 'n' should be in line 14 of your revised code.
  4. In Topic: I get syntax eror everytime i run it after 'guess lower'

    Posted 13 Sep 2014

    Lets go line by line.

    BTW, I don't know what version of Python you are using, but I'm assuming it is 3.4.x since you appear to be new to the language.

    import random

    Do you really need to import the whole module? When you are just using one function of it?

    from random import randrange
    guess = 0

    Is there really a reason to set guess1 to zero if you are just changing it the next line?

    from random import randrange
    #x = random.range(40)+1
    x = randrange(41)

    This will give you a random integer 0 to 40. It is no longer random.range it is now random.randrange

    from random import randrange
    x = randrange(41)
    #guess1 = int('What is your guess?')
    guess1 = input('What is your guess?')

    Int, changes a number or string into an integer, it doesn't take user input. Although int(), will be useful to you to change the input into an integer.

    Hope this helps, also you don't need the print in line 6 of your code.
  5. In Topic: Want to move on from beginner HTML

    Posted 1 Sep 2014

    Practice, Practice, Practice. Go on websites, and look at the Code behind it (Right Click, View page source), to see how things are done. This is what I did to learn how to do things, but I would recommend taking a more linear approach and buying a book of some sorts.

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