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  1. In Topic: network with a network?

    Posted 9 Jan 2016

    An update for everyone. Server has been up awhile now, just minor teething issues. Namely making changes to server files. I do it manually now, tried to set up SAMBA , what a nightmare. Win 7 laptop and Linux servers hate each other. Even a 30+ year controls veteran couldn't solve it. I am able to SSH files to it now(thank you PUTTY). Setting up a database and PHP. Amazing how much you learn. Thanks for all your help.
  2. In Topic: network with a network?

    Posted 5 Dec 2015

    Is that a php? Where would i put that?
  3. In Topic: network with a network?

    Posted 5 Dec 2015

    Ah i remember the fun of Linux now (used to use it years ago then got frustrated)......that rename command doesn't work. "Bareword "JPG" not allowed while "strict subs" in use at (user supplied code). Googling that phrase got me no-where. So I'm going there every line and renaming manually. Yea well
  4. In Topic: network with a network?

    Posted 4 Dec 2015

    LOL yea training wheels WAY off. I'll be in tomorrow morning to fix everything. Thanks guys
  5. In Topic: network with a network?

    Posted 4 Dec 2015

    Linux server is up, then found out something disturbing. For some bizarre reason everything i coded in Windows is screwed up in Linux. Namely silly thinks like random capitalization. I have about a thousand "jpg" images that are now "JPG" on the server. So its works but its gonna take alot of work to make everything right. Is this normal? Why are linux servers so darn popular if they randomly capitalize stuff like this??

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