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  1. In Topic: managing a huge html/website project

    Posted 12 Sep 2015

    Sorry I should have added, I used Bootstrap for each page so it was easy to create each page with a pre-made template I came up with. i know its not a CMS. There was talk earlier this year about the IT department taking my project and merging it into their present Sharepoint environment, and I read it was better to have all your content wrapped in a framework like Bootstrap. BTW I have Jekyll on my PC here and played with it a little, but like I mentioned before it seems like its only for blogs, that is changing the content on a single web page..........not for creating a bunch of pages with different content (and pics) on each page
  2. In Topic: ways to cut down html bloat

    Posted 31 Mar 2015

    Yes I ran the Apache and Windows sql servers together, all I had to do is switch ports on one of them. Yes the project is going to be a challenge, and as long as I keep it in the windows environment I'll have IT support. They already have a guy assigned to work with me and yes I'll have complete control of the project. Pretty scary but impossible challenges don't phase me at all.
  3. In Topic: ways to cut down html bloat

    Posted 31 Mar 2015

    No I was just gonna run them both as HTTP servers, not at the same time. Well the IT department rethought their original plan and decided to give me total control of it. Luckily its not gonna roll out for another 6 - 9 months so it gives me time to learn SharePoint. Plus the SharePoint developer is going to work with me step by step. One of those "be careful what you wish for" moments. Especially since this huge project is gonna get alot bigger as I found out R&D and Engineering want to have input in it. I'm about to become busier than a one armed paper hanger.
  4. In Topic: ways to cut down html bloat

    Posted 31 Mar 2015

    Thank you Kathy for the good advice. I installed XAMPP last night and Drupal to manage my project (now on my home computer). I may even try nginx on my Linux partition. Funny when someone does this to you it ramps your motivation up exponentially.
  5. In Topic: ways to cut down html bloat

    Posted 28 Mar 2015

    Thanks ciper i will do that on my work PC

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