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  1. In Topic: Cutting up the Code Into Little bits

    Posted 20 Jun 2014

    You pretty much almost have your code chopped by using classes. However, these class you have are called inner classes, which means thy are defined inside of another class and so belong within that class. To separate your code further, just pull the your inner classes out of your main classes and make them outer classes. Then use them like you are doing right now.
  2. In Topic: Modifiable Ivalue

    Posted 23 Mar 2014

    It's supposed to be lvalue not ivalue, and it means "left hand side value". In C++, and most programming languages, the assignment operator =, does not work exactly as in math. It does literally mean the left value equals the right value, but that the left value is "assigned", or given the value of, the right value. And anther thing is it must be modifiable, which means that it must be a variable, or some other type. Check your code for places you use the = operator for this error. You didnt' say what line the error was on.
  3. In Topic: Add JFrame from another class to JFrame

    Posted 22 Mar 2014

    A JFrame is an container that holds JPanels.
    public class StadiumApp extends JFrame // StadiumApp should extend JFrame not JPanel

    Also, you only need one main function, which goes in the StadiumApp Class, and it would look as this
    StadiumApp f = new StadiumApp("Stadium Panel Test"); 
    f.getContentPane().add(new StadiumPanel(new Stadium())); 
    f.setSize(649, 500); 
  4. In Topic: Switch statement using seekg

    Posted 21 Mar 2014

    The seekg function is used to set the position in the input stream. It itself does not extract the input. To extracky input, simply use any of the extraction functions. In your case you can just use,
    char input;
    File.seekg('A', ios::beg);
    // Use extraction to extract input at position
    input = get(A, File);
    cout << input << endl;

    I don't know why you are using a switch?

    I don't see how you are outputting the value in you switch statement?
  5. In Topic: Switch statement using seekg

    Posted 21 Mar 2014

    What exactly are you trying to do with seekg?

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