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  1. In Topic: GUI and Coordinates

    Posted 21 Nov 2013

    Awesome, with some toString() methods, I got it! Thanks for the help, g00se!
  2. In Topic: Returning an object from non global array

    Posted 3 Nov 2013

    Ah, I see. I attempted to change Cave cArray[][] to cArray[][] earlier, but I needed to change it to just plain cArray. Thank you for your help. I believe you've answered all my Java questions so far! To confirm, there is no way to return a Cave object without having cArray as a field/global variable?
  3. In Topic: Returning an object from non global array

    Posted 3 Nov 2013

    Sorry, about that. Yes, there was a compiler error. I believe I was trying different things. Is there a way to return a Cave object without making the cArray global? If not, I still have a problem with the posted code even after I remove the Board section. While using the debugger, the Board constructor for my cArray seems to work fine. All Cave objects are created. The problem is that when the code reaches the getCave() method, it attempts to return a null cArray(). I believe this may be due to having a local variable hiding a field. I am not sure how to fix this.
  4. In Topic: Help understanding syntax: if (!used[i])

    Posted 22 Sep 2013

    Thank you for the quick reply.
    Now, if my perm array and used array were dynamically allocated with calloc, the initial values for each element in those respective arrays would be 0, correct?

    so used would look like:

    0 1 2
    0 | 0 | 0 |

    so for i = 0, i equals used[i] and the instructions after the if statement should be skipped, correct?

    The previous post is assuming the length of str is 3.
  5. In Topic: Scanf not stopping at whitespace with textfile

    Posted 15 Sep 2013

    Nevermind, I got it.

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