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  1. In Topic: NoSQL - where to start.

    Posted 6 Apr 2014

    CouchDB is pretty accessible if you are comfortable with Javascript/JSON/REST. There's a plugin that indexes your documents with Lucene for searching, although if you want to do anything serious ElasticSearch seems like it may be a better option. The changes feed in Couch is nice.

    I'm interested in (but haven't had a reason to play around with) Riak. The setup is more work than Couch, but you get the Lucene component built-in. I really wish the admin UI was better. Couch's Futon UI leaves a lot to be desired, but at least you can view your data. In their documentation, Riak has several comparisons with other NoSQL databases (including Mongo and Couch).

    RethinkDB seems cool although it's only NoSQL by a technicality: ReQL is basically SQL.

    Now if only one of these supported spatial queries in a reasonable way...
  2. In Topic: Use-case for Node on the server

    Posted 9 Mar 2014

    You're probably going to want to put Apache/Nginx in front of it in production anyways, so how much effort are you really saving there?

    I think Javascript is bad for large codebases. Every framework seems to have its own way of doing OOP which means that IDE support is bad and you need to use framework-specific tools to package up your apps (looking at you, ExtJS). Variable declarations are optional. Java syntax with Lisp semantics. Language is forgiving with syntax errors (ASI, trailing commas). Things like 1 == "1" work. Similarly, clever programmers are tempted to do things like foo = foo || default which don't always work as intended. I could go on for awhile here, but basically the TLDR version is that scripting languages are cool for small projects and prototyping but are painful when working with several developers on a larger project. Obviously you can mitigate these problems with automated tools (JSLint) and strong conventions, but these are mostly non-issues in other languages.

    Node is used at several big companies, but what are they using it for and how long have they used it? Interesting post about PayPal moving to NodeJS from an in-house Spring based framework.


    NPM is interesting but I'd be worried about picking the wrong modules. How confident are you that module X is going to continue to be developed in the future and doesn't have any major flaws that will lay dormant until production? Also it's worth pointing out that other languages have module systems (Perl's CPAN, Java's Maven). Application servers like Glassfish and JBoss may be unpopular, but they come with a standard set of modules that have been battled tested and proven to interoperate. Commercial support is available if you need it. Both come with databases, message queues, email, servlets, logging, threading, etc.

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    no2pencil Icon

    30 Dec 2014 - 11:54
    Miss you man, hope your engine is doing well!
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    ~Key Icon

    01 Apr 2014 - 13:23
    How would one start making an engine? (games)
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    nimajneb Icon

    23 Aug 2010 - 16:16
    thanks for the suggesting mingw and helping me with the whole cpp != c++ thing!
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    bocaccio Icon

    24 May 2010 - 20:19
    So your a runner. Ran any marathons lately. I go on forum from time to time and see whats going on.
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