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  1. In Topic: How would you use this incredible FEATURE

    Posted 19 Dec 2012

    View Postsupersloth, on 19 December 2012 - 04:16 PM, said:

    i thought we scared this asshole off.

    Just answer My question. Damn it.

    Right now I'm googling "app challenge" with this latest feature; it will be win win win for SSDS
  2. In Topic: How would you use this incredible FEATURE

    Posted 19 Dec 2012

    View PostNeoTifa, on 19 December 2012 - 02:09 PM, said:

    what the fuck are you on about you crazy cunt? to capture what, your aliens?

    Yes. Now They (aliens) don't have a chance. Video doesn't lie.
  3. In Topic: Does anybody use the program name as a control

    Posted 20 Oct 2012

    catmydrive.exe Catalogs the drive for MPEG
    randomseg.exe Plays random segments of the above catalog videos
    randommix.exe Plays random video with large font text describing the action
    catmydrivejpg.exe Does a catalog for jpg

    All programs are the exact same code.

    The list could go on and on.

    I'm going to create one called addmynotes.exe that will immediately jump to the enter notes prompt to add to mynotes.txt.

    lastpagemynotes.exe Will show the last entry to that file.

    Just easy and quick for the end user.

    Another will be findemailfriends.exe that will search mynotes.txt to find the people I email regularly, that have "emailfriends" in the line. Returning those email addresses to the clipboard one at a time.

    Anything that I do on a regular basis will have it's own program and shortcut. How fast and simple that will be.

    Yup Jon.KiparskySwamp you can definitely see what the others overlooked. Good Going.
  4. In Topic: Is it important to know about GOTOs?

    Posted 13 Oct 2012

    Many years ago I was working on a cable billing system for Shaw CableSystems. It just wasn't selecting the correct customer records. The selection code was waaay too complex. My boss panicked about me changing the selection criteria.

    The changed code was something like this:

    line_2000: 'I like line numbers too
    Get input file #1
    if not the correct cycle goto line_2000
    if customer is off billing goto line_2000
    if customer is pre authorized goto line_2000
    if customer has large credit goto line_2000
    if customer is staff goto line_2000
    Otherwise do a printed bill

    Very simple. And anybody that worries about execution speed must be wasting computer cycles elsewhere
  5. In Topic: Is it important to know about GOTOs?

    Posted 13 Oct 2012

    Goto's are the greatest. I just love them.

    The greatest program on the planet has well over 200 goto's. And I am adding them all the time.

    My most recent feature is to randomly play video along with the associated large font text explaining the clip. The program is a monster and very spaghetti like. Rather than try and figure out where the logic has to skip to. I put in a goto and test it; then another and another and presto the puppy is working better than expected. If you like jamming code like I do, then you have to use goto's

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    13 Oct 2012 - 11:40
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    11 Nov 2011 - 21:09
    hey you should check out http://thestupidestmanonearth.com/ they have an amazing biography of you. it tells me all of your insanity in 1 easy webpage. to bad its done in HTML and not some retarded spaghetti coded mess...
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