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  1. In Topic: Php Forum Login

    Posted 7 Oct 2013

    View PostGsirtak, on 20 August 2009 - 07:55 PM, said:


    I have a forum I'm implementing. I can register and post while registered but I cannot login when logged out. It continues to not login.

    That username-password combination does not appear to match our records. Please try again.

    The username and pass are correct when I try to relog in. Here is my codes login and codes.
    // this function is called to set up each of the pages in the website.
    // it shows the site's logo, and gives as the page title whatever it's passed
    // as its first argument .. the other argument it uses as the header text of the
    // page. there is also a javascript function included in the title; this is used as
    // a confirm on the post.php and main.php pages, for deleting posts and threads,
    // respectively. an internal style sheet is set up to ensure stylistic coherence.
    function setup_page ($title, $headtext) {
    	echo "<HTML>
    		<script LANGUAGE=Javascript TYPE='TEXT/Javascript'>
    			function areYouSure (msg) {
    				var bool = window.confirm(msg);
    				return bool;
    		H1 {color:#CCCCCC; font:bold 16pt 'Verdana', 'Tahoma', 'Arial'}
    		H2 {color:#CCCCCC; font:bold 12pt 'Verdana', 'Tahoma', 'Arial'}
    		P {color:#CCCCCC; font:10pt 'Verdana', 'Tahoma', 'Arial'}
    		A:link {color:#FF0000; font:bold 10pt}
    		A:hover {color: #FFFF33; font:bold 10pt}
    		A:visited {color:#CC9900; font:bold 10pt}
    		<BODY BGCOLOR='#000066' TEXT='#CCCCCC'>
    		<P ALIGN='center'><IMG SRC='mingle1.jpg' WIDTH='300' HEIGHT='175'></p>
    	// set up a global variable to show that the page has been set up
    	global $set_up;
    	$set_up = TRUE;
    // this function shows an error message and some links. the error message is
    // passed as the first argument of the function.
    function fail ($msg, $serious) {
    	// if the page has already been set up, just show a small header
    	if ($set_up) {
    		echo "<H2>Whoops</H2>";
    	// otherwise set up the page to show that an error has occured
    	} else {
    		setup_page ("Error", "Whoops");
    	echo "<p>Sorry. There has been an error (".$msg.").<BR><br>";
    	// if 'serious' is true (the second argument passed in a call to this function)
    	// then the user must return all the way to the site entrance
    	if ($serious) {
    		echo "<A HREF='enter.php'>Please click here to return to the site entrance.</A>";
    	// if its not a 'serious' error then the user has to go to the main thread listing page
    	} else {
    		echo "<A HREF='main.php'>Please click here to return to the main page.</A>";
    	// show a link to mail the technical help
    	echo "<BR><BR><A HREF=''>Click here to inform
    		our technical staff of this problem.</A></p>";
    // this function checks to make sure the string that is passed its argument is in valid format
    // for an email address
    function isValidEmail ($email) {
    	return eregi("^[a-z0-9_]+@[a-z0-9\-]+\.[a-z0-9\-\.]+$", $email);
    // this function connects to MySQL and selects the forum database
    function dbConnect () {
    	$db = mysql_connect("localhost", "ghouse", "bronzeworks", "forum");
    	mysql_select_db("forum", $db);

    // check for session variables
    // load the script containing the common functions
    require "";
    // set a string variable to contain some hyperlinks to other parts of the site
    $links = "<A HREF='main.php'>Click here to proceed to the Great Debate.</A><BR><BR>
    	<A HREF='enter.php'>Click here to log out.</A>";
    // if this page has been called by the form on itself
    if ($user && $pass) {
    	// if the user specified on the form is the user that has already been logged in
    	if ($logged_in_user == $user) {
    		// inform the user of this, show the links and stop executing this script
    		setup_page ("Already logged in!", "Whoops");
    		echo $user.", you are already logged in.<BR><BR>";
    		echo $links;
    	// connect to 'forum' database and check the username-password combination
    	// submitted on the form
    	$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE name = '".$user."'
    					AND password = PASSWORD('".$pass."')");
    	// if the query doesnt execute, show an error message
    	if (!$result) {
    		fail("database query failed, login page", true);
    	// if the username and password are valid
    	if (mysql_num_rows($result) > 0) {
    		// find the userID and register it as a session variable
    		$record = mysql_fetch_assoc($result);
    		$logged_in_user = $user;
    		$logged_userID = $record["userID"];
    		// if the user is identified as a moderator on the database,
    		// log this fact as a session variable
    		if ($record["mod"]) {
    			$logged_as_mod = true;
    		setup_page("Welcome", "Welcome");
    		echo "Glad you could make it, ".$logged_in_user." :)/>/><BR><BR>";
    		echo $links;
    	// if the login details did not match the database, show the form again
    	} else {
    		setup_page("Invalid", "Invalid Login");
    		echo "That username-password combination does not appear to match our records.
    		Please try again.<BR><BR>";
    // or if the user has failed to fill in both fields, show the form again
    } else if ($user || $pass) {
    	setup_page("Invalid", "Invalid Login");
    	echo "Please fill in both fields.<BR><BR>";
    // if the user has arrived for the first time on this page, ask them to complete the form
    } else {
    	setup_page("Login", "Login");
    	echo "Please enter your details to log in.";
    <FORM METHOD=POST ACTION="login.php">
     Your username:
     Your password:
    <A HREF="enter.php">Click here to return to the site entrance.</A>

    try using function called md5() instead of PASSWORD;

    for eg:$result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE name = '".$user."'
    2 AND password = md5('".$pass."')");
    i'm using the same turorial as yours, and believe me i had the same problem! hop it helps!

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