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  1. In Topic: XNA Game Screen shots

    Posted 19 Dec 2013

    I am working on a small Snake game in XNA.
    So far I've got the basics working with steering using WASD, and wrap around screen so you can exit left and enter right, and likewise top-bottom.


    Apples pop up around the snake, and when they're eaten the apple cores fall off the screen.
    For every apple eaten your snake grows one tile in length, and you get a point for every tile of length your snake is.
    Every time you eat a new apple withing 3 seconds of the previous, your bonus multiplier is increased, so after getting three apples, each within 3 secs of the previous your multiplier is at x3. This means if you're a snake 12 tiles long and eat a new apple that would get you 3x12 = 36 points. I like the concept so far.
    I've just added magnets. They aren't working yet, but I am planning to add coins popping up at random places as well, and the magnet will make you vaccuum them up from a couple of tiles around.

    You can download the working version from this post (attached - XNA 4.0).

    Feedback is more than welcome! :)/>

    Kind regards - Jakob

    Hmm.... link to download went MIA.

    Here it is My link

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