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XenoLogiK > Have a break and answer these questions

Posted 13 February 2007

So, take the following test presented here and determine if you are
losing it or are still "with it." The spaces below are so you don't see
the answers until you have made your answer.

OK, relax, clear your mind and ... begin. WELL, MAYBE NOT THAT CLEAR!

1. What do you put in a toaster?


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XenoLogiK > Damned Cat

Posted 07 February 2007

A couple was dressed and ready to go out for the evening. They turned
on a night light, turned on the phone answering machine, covered their
pet parakeet and put the cat in the backyard. They phoned the local cab
company and requested a taxi. The taxi arrived and the couple opened
the front door to leave their house. The cat they had put out into...

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XenoLogiK > The Geography of a Woman

Posted 07 February 2007

The Geography of a Woman

------------ --------- --------- --------- -
Between the ages of 18 - 21 a woman is like Africa or Australia. She is
half discovered, half wild and naturally beautiful with bushland around
the fertile deltas.

Between the ages of 21 - 30 a woman is like America or Japan.
Completely discovered, very well developed and...

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XenoLogiK > The wait for Vista (more for the DX10)

Posted 01 February 2007

apparently i've been waiting for Vista(with DX10)

About DX 10 (from wikipedia)
Microsoft was working on a large update to the Direct3D API. Originally called Windows Graphics Foundation, DirectX 10, and later DirectX Next, but currently referred to as Direct3D 10, it was released as part of Windows Vista. Version 10 represents a departure...

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XenoLogiK > FPS terms

Posted 30 January 2007

topic : Gaming
More and more people have started online gaming. however for those who are lagging behind in terms of the FPS(first person shooter) games here are some terms for you make other's believe that you are a pro !

stands for BIG F***ING GUN, was made popular by the game quake II arena. this is the gun which can make a...

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January 16, 1988
Programming and messing with the PC( curiousity bugs me to do odd things)<br><br>Reading, Eating chicken filled foods, Strumming the Guitar.<br> yea new craze to drift my car so an empty dusty playground does the job :))
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Visual Basic , C++ (just started), XML(juss started), Flash(just started)
in still a wannabe programmer.



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