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  1. In Topic: My New Game: Zing

    Posted 13 Nov 2012

    View Postzehawk, on 12 November 2012 - 07:51 PM, said:

    Is there a cursor or something that allows easier aiming? Also, how many words are there to choose from random? Besides that, it looks pretty good. Try making a complete game now. It'd be interesting to see what you come up with.

    There is no cursor because it is not needed as the game is driven entirely by the keyboard. In the Assets folder you'll find a wordList.txt file that contains all the words that the game will randomly choose from.
  2. In Topic: Looking to make a Game from Scratch!

    Posted 29 Sep 2012

    I'm not familiar with either of those games that you listed, is this an online text based game? If so you'll need to understand how to not only program game logic but also be familiar with web technologies to get your game online.

    How much experience do you have programming?
  3. In Topic: problem: how should i develop this game idea

    Posted 29 Sep 2012

    Before you make any game, make sure you understand the language your are programming in fully. If you are using a game engine to build your game, make sure you have read all the documentation first! You need to know how to use the tools before you can make something with them.
  4. In Topic: Problem: I learned code. Now what?

    Posted 29 Sep 2012

    Unity is a good engine to start with, as there are many tutorials and people online that can help you get things going. If you want to write it all yourself, it will be more work. If that is something that you are interested in, have a look at my website for step-by-step help.
  5. In Topic: Where do I start on a simple engine?

    Posted 29 Sep 2012

    I recommend that you start by figuring out how to render something to the screen. Once you can get a texture rendered, then figure out how to move it based on keyboard input. Then add a little bit of logic and you have yourself a simple game.

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