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  1. In Topic: [Discussion] Using JSON to pass data

    Posted 17 Mar 2014

    View Postandrewsw, on 17 March 2014 - 12:52 PM, said:

    With apologies that this is slightly off-topic, but I saw this json:select() site recently:


    It makes it easy to access data in complex JSON documents.

    It feels like CSS.

    I just thought it might be of interest to some people reading this topic ;)/>

    I'm not sure if there is a need for something like this, but it is an interesting idea.

    I find it mildly (ok, not mildly, extremely) hilarious that there is a NodeJS implementation of this. That's gotta be one of the most pointless things I've heard of.

    I'm pretty much with BetaWar on how much I use it at work. Any transaction from client to server.
  2. In Topic: Two different data types within one input

    Posted 11 Nov 2013

    Well, you can take the input as a string and then parse out certain parts into other data types. For instance, say you want your input to follow <float> <"C" or "F">, then you can split the string by the space in the middle, between the number and the character.

    Scanner scanner = new Scanner(System.in);
    String input = scanner.next();
    // here we split up the pieces
    String[] parts = input.split(" ");
    // code to continue the program, complete with error checking
    if (parts.length != 2) {
        // they entered an improper string, so tell them
    } else {
        try {
            float degrees = Float.parseFloat(parts[0]);
            if (parts[1].equalsIgnoreCase("C")) {
                // code to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
            } else if (parts[1].equalsIgnoreCase("F")) {
                // code to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius
            } else {
                // they entered something other than C or F for the second argument
        } catch (NumberFormatException nfe) {
            // they entered something other than a number

    Hope this helps. :)
  3. In Topic: Throwing exceptions URL scanner

    Posted 28 Oct 2013

    You'll have to import the exceptions, as well as any classes you're using.

    import java.net.MalformedURLException;
    import java.io.IOException;

    Plus, the main method shouldn't really throw exceptions, as it doesn't fail gracefully, and wouldn't yield immediately useful output. A try/catch block would suit you nicely here.

    try {
        // code here
    } catch (MalformedURLException mue) {
        // code to execute if a MalformedURLException occurs
    } catch (IOException ioe) {
        // code to execute if an IOException occurs
  4. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 22 Oct 2013

    Finalizing application integration for the text-to-speech engine we've started using. A somewhat elegant combination of C, Java, and Javascript (with some NodeJS on a separate server).
  5. In Topic: Rational. I need help with adding nullExc. and dividebyzeroExc.

    Posted 16 Oct 2013

    Well, I'll start with what you've tried. You've attempted the DivideByZeroException and almost have it. Your only problem is that you have declared a Rational object's variables as private. That means that you can't access them with the dot notation, like you have in your if statements checking for zeros. You must use the getDenominator() function on the numb object in those cases.

    NullArgumentException will be somewhat simpler. It's the same kind of check as the DivideByZeroException, but you'll need to check if numb == null. Make sure to insert that new if statement before the checks for zero, otherwise you'll get a NullPointerException.

    Hope this helps. :)

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