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  1. In Topic: Windows 8 App With Command Save Form MVVM

    Posted 4 Aug 2015

    Well, you don't really need the parameter. The instance of the ViewModel already has it's data set because of the binding. When I use bindings and a Command on a button, I don't actually use the CommandParameter. I just use the properties on the ViewModel in the command handler.


    public void SaveUserCommand()
        string userName = this.UserName;
        // or
        string userName = this.User.UserName;
  2. In Topic: Windows 8 App With Command Save Form MVVM

    Posted 4 Aug 2015

    I haven't used command parameters all that often. However, it looks like you aren't passing the command parameter to the command binding.

    You have...

    SaveCommand = new RelayCommand(SaveUserCommand);

    and it should be something like...

    SaveCommand = new RelayCommand(parameter => SaveUserCommand(parameter));
  3. In Topic: Telerik vs. Xamarin vs. Appcelerator

    Posted 4 Aug 2015

    A little late, but here is my answer for Xamarin. It's the only one I've used of the three.

    If you are a C# developer and can afford $25/month, go with Xamarin. If you are going to support iOS, you will also need a Mac.

    Note: I have been a full-time Xamarin developer for more than 3 years, so I may be a little biased here.
  4. In Topic: Windows 8 App With Command Save Form MVVM

    Posted 4 Aug 2015

    See my updated post above.
  5. In Topic: Windows 8 App With Command Save Form MVVM

    Posted 4 Aug 2015

    Most likely, your problem is that you are binding to the properties of the model directly, without the Model implementing INotifyPropertyChanged.

    It's a toss up with how you want to proceed. You could implement INotifyPropertyChanged in your Model and that should work. However, to some, this would break the seperation of concerns with MVVM, as a Model shouldn't really be changing a View.

    Your other option is to put "duplicate" properties on the ViewModel that match the properties on the Model, then remove the "User." portion of the binding. This would bind to the properties on the ViewModel, allowing the VM to get the values from the view when Save is clicked.

    So a possible property on the ViewModel could look like...

    public string UserName
    	get { return _userModel.UserName; }
    		_userModel.UserName = value;

    and the binding for the TextBox would be...

    <TextBox Text="{Binding UserName}" Height="40" Margin="13,1" Width="408"/>

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    atholon Icon

    23 Aug 2012 - 09:36
    Hey Ryan,
    Just wanted to thank you for your post in this thread:
    I'd been looking for a while about how to use the TextWriter with StreamWriter to append text.
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    trevster344 Icon

    07 Feb 2012 - 09:33
    I happen to agree with your personal message there, too many people take it personal.
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    21 Apr 2011 - 16:13
    I saw this:
    I made this:
    Congratulations Grand Master :)
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    Dogstopper Icon

    24 Jan 2011 - 21:00
    Totally didn't mean for that down vote. My finger slipped.
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    heyoman1 Icon

    28 Nov 2010 - 20:49
    Which site did you use to make your sig?
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    khan96 Icon

    31 Oct 2010 - 05:19
    i m using Import dll in c# and gave an aceess viloation error
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    khan96 Icon

    31 Oct 2010 - 05:19
    shuaib here
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    eclipsed4utoo Icon

    16 Sep 2010 - 04:40
    feeling very lucky today.
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    macosxnerd101 Icon

    16 Sep 2010 - 04:36
    W00t! 666 reputation. Aren't you feeling lucky, today?
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    eclipsed4utoo Icon

    27 Aug 2010 - 04:37
    I have no clue.
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    programmerjiwa Icon

    26 Aug 2010 - 20:14
    hi, how to change username in dreamincode...?
  12. Photo

    eclipsed4utoo Icon

    25 Aug 2010 - 13:43
    I think I know which one you are talking about...
  13. Photo

    Frinavale Icon

    25 Aug 2010 - 13:17
    :) thought about posting a link to it at the time...probably should have because now I can't find the thread. It doesn't matter anyways :)
  14. Photo

    eclipsed4utoo Icon

    25 Aug 2010 - 13:04
    Thanks...though not sure which thread you are talking about.
  15. Photo

    Frinavale Icon

    25 Aug 2010 - 12:49
    I am really impressed with your ability to understand questions that are incomprehensible :)
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