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  1. In Topic: What Are You Working On Today?

    Posted 14 Aug 2014

    I'm currently fighting with my latest build. It was decided that we were going to restructure the Projects and update the namespaces to be higher in the chain so that we had less using statements. So now instead of Solution.Project.Group.Views or Solution.Project.Group.ViewModels they are all now under the Solution.Project.Group namespace. We now get 42 errors related to items not existing in the new namespaces even though I know for a fact that they do. So frustrating because It's simple yet I have no idea why the errors are being thrown.
  2. In Topic: Around the Table

    Posted 7 Aug 2014

    5th addition takes you back to 2.0 - 3.5. It is a very nice system IMO. I've played several games during the playtest and have always had a good time.

    I am currently a part of a Pathfinder group that meets on Wednesdays. We use Teamspeak and Fantasy Grounds to run our games as everyone is apart.

    As far as finding games, there are several online resources that you can use.

    I am personal apart of The Tangled Web, but you can find games on Myth-Weavers and also on the forums for WOTC.

    Edited because people
  3. In Topic: What Are You Working On Today?

    Posted 6 Aug 2014

    View PostXaos, on 06 August 2014 - 01:15 PM, said:

    How the hell do you multiply something by 350 without using mathematical operators?

    I was a bit mistaken. You can use the + operator, but they want the most efficient way to do it. so (x+x) 350 times would be a failing answer. It took me a couple hours to figure it out, but I found that Bit Shifting was the way to do it.
  4. In Topic: What Are You Working On Today?

    Posted 6 Aug 2014

    @alapee => If your looking at Gearbox I can tell you from experience that they are a tough company to get into. If they like your resume they will send you a document with several Questions that are no joke. I remember at least one question about creating a routine to do multiplication with out the use of loops, or multiplication operator. IE. Take an Input and multiply it by 350. You can not use loops, *, /, or -. EDIT: I found the actual question and you can use +.

    Now, don't let me stop you from applying, because if you get in they are an absolutely fantastic company to work for. They go so far as to give employees a 1k (last I heard) budget for personal enrichment. Buying computer parts, going to conferences, buying books, etc.
  5. In Topic: Collaborative Effort

    Posted 4 Aug 2014

    I will send you a github request today. Also I hope that you meant that you needed to find a better job and spend time with your family. ;)

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    06 Feb 2014 - 10:46
    Hey, congrats on the review/raise! Been offline a few days and just now reading through the threads. I've got a 90 day evaluation later this afternoon myself.
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