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  1. In Topic: help encryption in C#

    Posted 20 Nov 2015

    Take a look at what WriteLine does. https://msdn.microso...v=vs.110).aspx.

    Have you googled string concatenation? it's a pretty straight forward thing. the + sign concatenates items together, or you have other options as well. A quick google search should return a fairly extensive list. EX: https://msdn.microso...(v=vs.110).aspx (String.Concat)
  2. In Topic: Pls help me code a for-loop & do-while loop in a multiplication ta

    Posted 20 Nov 2015

    So look at the method names your using and compare that to the loop your using. That's the only thing I can see would be wrong with what's been given. Are you also supposed to output the table from 1-10 or 1-9? If the first, then look very carefully at your loop condition.
  3. In Topic: Use Methods of Proj2 in Proj1

    Posted 19 Nov 2015

    Make sure that the reference is valid. If you go to your reference section do you see a yellow triangle symbol on the reference? Do you see the reference at all?

    Also post the code for Proj2's method your trying to call as well as the code your using to call it in proj1.

    Do you expressly declare your class/method as public? IF not then it would be set to private and not accessible outside of the assembly.
  4. In Topic: cant add another else into if

    Posted 17 Nov 2015

    That's because you attached the second else to a different IF statement. I will reiterate what Andrew said. If can have one and only one else statement, but can have many else - if statements.

    A few other points real quick. Typically i is used to denote an Interface or int. (Big I for interface little i for int) I would advise against using those for anything else as it can cause confusion down the road. Also it's not a good idea to let the person know what went wrong when logging in. I.E. don't tell them that the username doesn't exist OR the password isn't right. This would give those with malicious intent very valuable information. Instead validate both of them and if either of them do not validate return a generic "Username or password not correct."

    I would write it similar to this:

    if(username != "Foo" || password != "Bar"){
        Console.WriteLine("Invalid username or password provided, please try again");
  5. In Topic: Pls help me code a for-loop & do-while loop in a multiplication ta

    Posted 16 Nov 2015

    The only thing that is saying is that in your btnWhileLoop_Click method you declare strSpace but never use it. It's not keeping you from doing anything, it's just warning you that you have a variable that isn't needed.

    Also what do you mean it's only covering part of the screen. In your dowhile method your using 2 for loops that will iterate from 1 to 9 on each row and your doing that 9 times. What is your expected output?

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    06 Feb 2014 - 10:46
    Hey, congrats on the review/raise! Been offline a few days and just now reading through the threads. I've got a 90 day evaluation later this afternoon myself.
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