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  1. In Topic: Retrieve data from parent table ( not the ID )?

    Posted 2 Jul 2015

    No problem, glad you got it working. A couple points in the code you just posted that will help you out in the long run. Don't concatenate your SQL Statements. Use Prepared Statements. If you concat your statements like that it would be very easy for someone to inject something malicious into your code like so:

    SELECT * FROM user_main WHERE User_Nick = '".$User_Nick."' AND User_Pass = '".$User_Pass."'"
    //If I entered the following string in the UserName field:  1'; DROP TABLE user_main; -- . Then I would effectively destroy your entire system as MySQL will interpret your query as multiple commands like so:
    SELECT * FROM user_mail WHERE User_Nick = '1'; DROP TABLE user_mail; -- AND User_Pass = '<inserted password>'

    With prepared statements you would not have to worry about the SQL Injection. Also, Don't use SELECT *. Explicitly state what columns you need. That way it cuts down on unneeded columns being returned.
  2. In Topic: Retrieve data from parent table ( not the ID )?

    Posted 2 Jul 2015

    what does the query look like your using to pull the data. All you should have to do is change that to add a join condition to the language table.

    like so:

    SELECT <Select list>
    FROM <Table1>
    JOIN <Table2> 
        ON <Table1>.<Join Column> = <Table2>.<Join Column>

    You would then add to your $Show array something for the language description.

    Also, it looks like $Show might translate 1 to 1 with your database columns. You said you've tried $_Show['Languages'] but have you attempted $Show['Language']
  3. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 1 Jul 2015

    Today i'm sitting out by the pool working on my current project. Have flooring guys ripping up the carpet and laying wood so I've been kicked out for a few hours. That combined with my car being in the shop means I can not attempt to blend in with the local coffee shop hipsters. Finally got documentation from TPV that outlines what i will send and what i will receive from the websocket server. Still haven't gotten the server information yet though. They said they would have that to me monday, so we'll see how that goes.
  4. In Topic: New to C#, can somebody "grade" my work?

    Posted 29 Jun 2015

    View Postrollerdyke44, on 29 June 2015 - 01:32 PM, said:

    earlier, I wrote the code with 'int' everywhere. It worked for whole numbers but it gave a wrong answer (for BMI) when the user input decimals (eg if height was 2.33 meters). It worked fine using 'double'

    For example, my old code looked something like this

                int _Height; int _Weight;
                Console.WriteLine("Enter height"); _Height = Convert.ToInt32(Console.ReadLine());
                Console.WriteLine("Enter weight"); _Weight = Convert.ToInt32(Console.ReadLine());
                Console.WriteLine("Height {0:.##}", _Height);
                Console.WriteLine("Weight {0:.##}", _Weight);
                Console.WriteLine("Your BMI is {0:.##}" , (_Weight / (_Height * _Height )));

    The reason why it ran, but gave the wrong answer is because Convert.ToInt32 will round decimals to their nearest whole value. So 2.33 would be rounded to 2, 2.65 would round to 3, etc. You basically lose any precision you had at that point.

    Also, using Convert.ToInt32 passing in a string which is what Console.ReadLine() would do will throw a format exception if you are passing in decimals as it doesn't know how to handle it.

    MSDN Page on Convert.ToInt32

    I would Highly suggest not using Methods/Classes/etc. if you don't understand them. When you using something like Convert.ToInt32, but don't understand what exactly it's doing (Meaning what errors it can give and why) then google it with msdn and read up on it first. A little upfront understanding will save you hours of banging at the keyboard later.
  5. In Topic: Video Games Currently Working On

    Posted 29 Jun 2015

    I've started playing ESO with the wife. She has been looking for an EQ2 replacement, and said she finally found it so we've been doing a bunch of that lately. I'm also working through GTA V still.

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    06 Feb 2014 - 10:46
    Hey, congrats on the review/raise! Been offline a few days and just now reading through the threads. I've got a 90 day evaluation later this afternoon myself.
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