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  1. In Topic: Creating a list of lists with different type in each sublist

    Posted 23 Jan 2015

    Advice has been given to so many here that I think is absolutely excellent advice. You are honestly setting yourself up for failure. Yes you might bust out an application that functions on android, but is that application extensible? decoupled? able to withstand injections? If the answer to any of those are "I don't know" or "No" then you are doing the very core parts of Application development wrong. "Studying" 10 hours of videos and thinking you can write applications is like finishing your first semester in Med school and then saying "Well that's enough, I can now take patients." It's just not enough. My suggestion is to put down the android app and look at the sticky in this forming highlighting a very big list of small applications. If you can do all of them (or i'd say maybe even 80%) of them and come out not having learned anything new then you are ready to begin working on commercial products. You are far from ready after 10 hours of learning. What have you done to further your learning since August? If 10 hours is all you've gotten in since then, you need to rethink what your doing. I know it's a hard truth, and blunt, but your just plain not ready to undertake what your trying to do.
  2. In Topic: What argument does this method need?

    Posted 23 Jan 2015

    what is User, Pass, and Email? Are they the textboxes or variables you have setup? I suspect they are UI Controls which means that calling .ToString() on them will only return System.UIControl (I think that's what it, although it's irrelevant because it isn't what you want to pass).

    Now that I understand what you are trying to do I can advise you a bit more. So at this point I would create an object called User which had properties of UserName, Password, and Email. At that point I will fill those properties from your TextBoxes and then use that object to pass to your testConnection function. You can either change the signature to accept a user object or keep it at accepting the 3 strings and call it like so: test.testConnection(<UserObject>.UserName, <UserObject>.Password, <UserObject>.Email);. To show you the difference here is how you would call it passing in the user test.testConnection(<UserObject>). The method signature would then be public void testConnection(User user)

    With that, I would rethink your naming conventions as well as your method signatures. You call the method testConnection, but return nothing. How is the user supposed to know that the connection tested successfully or not? I would suggest changing it to return a bool and send back true if it was successful or false if it failed.
  3. In Topic: Creating a list of lists with different type in each sublist

    Posted 23 Jan 2015

    The thing is that when you put the List<Calm> into your lists object, it no longer becomes a List<Calm> it is now a Generic List<object>. Therefor when you grab it out using Lists[0] it doesn't know that it is of type Calm and won't be able to access those properties. You have to tell it that it is a list of Calm by casting it. (Lists[0][0] as Calm).name

    I will say that this design has a big code smell as you are now having to do a bunch of casting which isn't ideal. I would look back at your design and see if there is a better way to do this such as creating a different object that has a Type property that you set to Calm, Horror, Battle, etc.

    public enum MovieTypes
    public class Movie
       public MovieTypes MovieType {get; set;}
       public string name {get; set;}

    You can then do the following to pull out the first one where it is Typed as calm

    List<Movie> movies = new List<Movie>();
    //Fill movies
    var calmMovie = movies.FirstorDefault(m => m.MovieType == MovieTypes.Calm);
  4. In Topic: What argument does this method need?

    Posted 23 Jan 2015

    I'm not understanding what your trying to do exactly. If test connection requires 3 strings from textboxes why are you not sending it 3 strings as arguments? Maybe if you explained exactly what your business case is it would help clear up some of the confusion.

    Also, you may want to rethink your design a little. First and foremost, rename your UI Controls. Button9, Textbox1, etc. doesn't tell me WHAT that control is. The first thing you should do after dragging and dropping a new control is to rename it to something meaningful. EX: txtFirstName, btnSubmit, ddlCustomers, etc.
  5. In Topic: What argument does this method need?

    Posted 23 Jan 2015

    are you writing code in old outdated WinForms or are you writing in WPF? Just showing us that code gives us absolutely no context as to what is going on. The problem you are facing is that you are creating a MainWindow that Inherits from Form which is an entire different animal than the expected input of MainWindow which inherits from Window. I'm worried you are trying to cross boundaries that should never be crossed.

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    Hey, congrats on the review/raise! Been offline a few days and just now reading through the threads. I've got a 90 day evaluation later this afternoon myself.
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