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  1. In Topic: Help with Trigger ERROR

    Posted 28 Apr 2016

    So I did a little bit of looking. If you are truly using MySQL and not MSSSQL they should be New and Old I believe not INSERTED and DELETED.
  2. In Topic: Help with Trigger ERROR

    Posted 28 Apr 2016

    INSERTED and DELETED are system defined tables that hold the data being inserted (inserted) and being removed (deleted). You do not define them yourself.
  3. In Topic: Using structures to read from files.

    Posted 25 Apr 2016

    It's the parse that's throwing the error itself because what ever input your giving it isn't an int. Int.Parse is rigid and prone to exceptions. I would suggest moving to TryParse as it will gracefully handle those scenarios and return a bool true/false if the conversion passed or failed.

    If (!int.TryParse(input, out output)){
        //The parsing failed, do something about it. 

    I would do the same for doubles as well. Also step through and inspect your arrays to make sure the values you expect to be in them are in them.
  4. In Topic: I can't upvote :(

    Posted 25 Apr 2016

    Same here. It will change between not being able to upvote or see the buttons in the reply box, and not being able to edit my own posts or click spoiler tags. This also is the only site I have had issues with.
  5. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 25 Apr 2016

    Took the oldest on a little day trip for her birthday. We went to Chattanooga and visited the aquarium and Rock City. Definitely a long day trip, but was worth it. Sunday I literally sat on the couch playing Stardew valley all day while watching the Acquisitions Incorporated game at Pax East, and then started to get caught up on the Critical Role twitch casts. Today I have reviews at work, and meetings until I go home.

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    AnalyticLunatic Icon

    06 Feb 2014 - 10:46
    Hey, congrats on the review/raise! Been offline a few days and just now reading through the threads. I've got a 90 day evaluation later this afternoon myself.
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