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  1. In Topic: Do you GUI First? [Poll & Discussion]

    Posted 10 May 2012

    And there in lies the defining reason. A well defined scope, on paper of course :), will make GUI design alot easier and less cumbersome on the development time.

    In the past i have dealt with developer that make the car look like a Corvette even though when put on the road performs like a Pinto. Which means they spent 80% of their time on the GUI and 20% of their time on the content of the development. Which is "bass ackwards" and leads to developers getting a bad rapoire cause of a few "idgiots"

    I just dont put alot of time or effort in developing the interface as it is fluid and can be easily changed with a few mouse clicks, drag-and-drop, or ultimately the delete. The content of the software is a different point in case and is almost always the opposite of the GUI.
  2. In Topic: Do you GUI First? [Poll & Discussion]

    Posted 9 May 2012

    View PostBobRodes, on 09 May 2012 - 01:48 PM, said:

    I always work with a GUI prototype until I have an agreement on what the application is going to do and how it is going to work. It's important to me to get paid for what I do, and the people who are paying typically care a lot more about whether the program will meet their business requirements and how easy it is to use than they do about the implementation details. They just want those to be well-constructed or some other such vagary. I generally don't do any more work on the data structure than is necessary to support prototyping until we have an agreement on what they are going to be paying for.

    No sense building database architecture only to have someone explain (once they fit you into their busy schedule six months into the project) that we have the business rules all wrong, and we find that we have to redesign our database to accommodate the correct ones.

    There is actually no sense in spending an exorbidant amount of time developing (prototype) the GUI if all they are going to do is throw your knowledgeable design in the trash and then have you redesign based on their needs, that they of course failed to express during the "discovery phase" ;)

    Yes I had that happen to me once, and i never make the same mistake twice, so now i spend maybe 16hrs of a project on prototyping the GUI and the majority of the project is spent on content and design and then i spend usually the last 1/3, usually last 1/4, of the project on GUI LAF (look and feel) with the functionality already attached just waiting on client making decisions on placement of controls and how menus are designed.
  3. In Topic: ListBox Control proving difficult.

    Posted 7 May 2012

    Without knowing how your adding the ListItems, we wont be able to instruct you on the correct or logical approach for this.

    Although it seems like you have not set the Key and Value components of the ListBox from what it sounds like.

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