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  1. In Topic: Numbers pyramid * 2

    Posted 27 Sep 2014

    Each row of your pyramid is essentially a palindrome. You could use an method to create the rows based upon the number of the row. A method to create each row will assist. Something similar to the following - would be much nicer using recursion in lei of iterative methods

    public static String createPalindrome(int base, int len, String separator) {
    	if(len == 0) return "";
    	if(len == 1) return ""+base;
    	String tmp = "";
    	int counter = 0;
    	boolean reverse = false;
    	while(true) {
    		tmp += (int)Math.pow(base,counter) + separator;
    		if(!reverse) {
    		} else {
    		if(counter == len) reverse = true;
    		if(counter < 0) break;
    	return tmp;

    Then to create one of your rows invoke the method System.out.println(createPalindrome(2,5," ")), creating a palindrome using base 2 and a maximum of 5.
  2. In Topic: triangle array

    Posted 27 Sep 2014

    looks like temperatures[i][m] = in.nextFloat(); is not receiving the input it requires... i.e. floating point data.
  3. In Topic: Telnet - Terminal and Function Keys (F3)

    Posted 21 Jul 2014

    Hi Valek, thanks for the response in relation to this issue. Thankfully I no longer have to resolve this issue as I moved jobs. In the end the issue was believed to be on the server, rather than the client and was left on the basis of the vendor configuring the server and investigating it from that angle. This issue was not related to any one distribution, as a number were sampled aside from Mint including CentOS, Fedora & Debian.

    I really appreciate your response. Thanks :)

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    30 Sep 2011 - 01:55
    Duplicate friends though, it would be nice to have a double of friends so that if one is going somewhere far the other one could stay, hahaha
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    29 Sep 2011 - 23:41
    But that would be like complaining to Bill Gates Microsoft Office crashed, haha. I think you're good friends but we're not and I'm not a paying customer so there ^^
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    28 Sep 2011 - 23:44
    Hey there dude, thanks! Though right now the prophecy is still unfulfilled. It's strange, you appear 2 times on my friends list.
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    06 Dec 2010 - 09:51
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    17 Nov 2010 - 08:59
    Ha ha yep :-)
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    19 Feb 2010 - 21:48
    Oh wow ^^
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    17 Feb 2010 - 01:53
    You can add Haskell to your list of Programming Languages now, you prize winner you. :p
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