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  1. In Topic: can a web service be part of a server sided application

    Posted 1 May 2014

    View Postmodi123_1, on 01 May 2014 - 08:17 AM, said:

    Ah.. I was under the impression of this being an urgent business project, and not a training exercise. gotcha.

    Sorry I didn't make that clear.

    I have managed to get the StatefulWebServiceManager into a small testing project. I had to add an external jar called jaxws-rt.2.2.5.jar, but iv run into some issues, getting the web service to provide wsdl. I am deploying to a Apache-tomee-plus- server.

    I have two web services. BankAccount and Bank. from the examples I could find. Link provided here.

    I am using eclipse and exporting a WAR file from my Dynamic web service project to my webapps folder of tomcat, then running tomcat via command line.

    I only had experience creating Web services using an interface and an implementation class, so i'm not sure how to get two implementations into web services. In the stateless manner.
  2. In Topic: can a web service be part of a server sided application

    Posted 1 May 2014

    This ultimately comes down to learning, using existing tools to solve problems doesn't teach me anything. The example I gave was printing. Its not about the solution it's about how I get there.

    I found that with JAX-WS RI I can create a stateful web service that solves my issue. The problem I have encountered is it uses StatefulWebServiceManager<T>. I don't know how to import this interface into my application to use it.
  3. In Topic: can a web service be part of a server sided application

    Posted 1 May 2014

    I am still unable to get this to work.

    When a web service is called it is in its own bubble.

    I need the web service to interact with a controller object. the relationship would be many web service instances to one controller instance.

    I tried to use a Static class in the WebServiceImplementation but this is making a new static controller for each web service call.

    Any information regarding this would be extremely helpful.
    Thank you.
  4. In Topic: can a web service be part of a server sided application

    Posted 28 Apr 2014

    My current solution is to use a database and have the web service check for changes in the database, but with that I run into issues of speed, how often do I query the database for new data. and since I need printing to be fast I cant add a delay like 5 or 30 second before every check happens, because that will slow down the print process.

    If there were events that I could subscribe too that watched for when a change happened to the database, that would give me immediate feedback without having to bombard the database with select statements.

    Crazy idea.... Would a static class that is a part of the web service project work?
  5. In Topic: can a web service be part of a server sided application

    Posted 28 Apr 2014

    Thank you for your reply, I will look into using python to communicate with the server application and the web service.

    In the past I had my web services send sql directly to a database. but for this solution printing speed is a must.

    Thank you.

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