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  1. In Topic: Is it bad thing to ask salesperson...?

    Posted 21 Apr 2013

    What was your partner's suggestion on how to get feedback?
  2. In Topic: To JS or not to JS...

    Posted 17 Mar 2013

    While I see what you're saying, I still think a JS-less to-do-list webapp would be a horrible user experience.

    I mean, you wouldn't be able to drag and drop tasks to change their relative priorities. What would a JSless replacement look like? changing a select box on a specific task, clicking 'save changes' and then waiting for the whole page to rerender?

    what I'm trying to say is, would a user even want to use a JS-free webapp? It'd be so slow and it's interface so awkward...I just don't know
  3. In Topic: Creating A Mobile Optimised Website

    Posted 27 Jan 2013

    you're going to want to looking for 'responsive design' and 'moderizr':

    basically, it's saying you should target a CLASS of device instead of the device itself. eg, target smartphones rather than iphones and android phone separately. After all, you don't target 'DELL computers' and 'HP computers' separately do you?

    feature detection is what makes up for the unfortunate reality that not all browsers are equally fully-featured. modernizr is the principle tool that web programmers use for feature detection. we would LIKE to use the best solution for a given layout problem, but if we can detect that that technique won't work on a given browser, we can use an alternative method instead.

    obviously, there's no way to explain much of anything in two short paragraphs, you're going to need to keep asking questions and googling around.
  4. In Topic: Creating A Mobile Optimised Website

    Posted 27 Jan 2013

    is recommending device detection REALLY the best way to go about this? There is much intricacy to this topic.

    personally, I stand my ground on using media queries and feature detection handle all of the UI layout. this feels like a much better way to separate concerns.
  5. In Topic: The horse, of course, is the beef's main-course; outsourced!

    Posted 27 Jan 2013

    View Posth4nnib4l, on 24 January 2013 - 01:20 PM, said:

    I got $50 on the Predator...

    I got $101 on the governator.... :D

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