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The Madman Scribblings > False Assumption:- "Comparision" Operators return Booleans

Posted 28 March 2014

False Assumption:- "Comparision" Operators return Booleans

It is a popular assumption that "Comparision" Operators = < <= >= > <> will return a Boolean.

This assumption is false....

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The Madman Scribblings > The Woe Of Dev

Posted 26 February 2014

The Woe Of Dev

You see the light at the end of the tunnel, the project is almost done.
So you precede to ahead towards the lights only to walk into a brick wall, upon which someone has attach an Acme portable hole.

Tested each section independently;- they work, combine them;- They work.
Soon a you run the program and in conjunction with...

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The Madman Scribblings > Some Days Programming Makes Me Feel Stupid The Other Days VS Tells Me, "To F**K O** I'm Busy!"

Posted 06 February 2014

Some Days Programming Makes Me Feel Stupid The Other Days VS Tells Me, "To F**K O** I'm Busy!"

Even though I've been programming for over a couple of decades, there still are days when I do stupid mistakes.
  • Forget the .Count on a collection is one more than the index position of the last item.
  • ...

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The Madman Scribblings > BrainF*ck Number Challenge.

Posted 08 November 2013

BrainF*ck Number Challenge.

This stems from ishkabible who brought up an interesting challenge and an extremely difficult one at.
(We're talking about the grey-beards stroking their beards hard!)
Computer Science Thread:- Minimal Exp...

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The Madman Scribblings > A Random Pick In O(n)?

Posted 13 October 2013

A Random Pick In O(n)?

As far as I can attain the following implementation of Random Pick is of O(n).

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    estherNamogo Icon

    03 Nov 2013 - 06:30
    Nice to meet you write
    me at ( i will send you my picture OK.
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    bryanjay Icon

    12 Jul 2013 - 20:27
    can i ask a question??
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    lucky3 Icon

    31 Dec 2012 - 02:19
    Congratulations for the "DIC Blog of the Year" award 1st place!
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    raghav.naganathan Icon

    15 Nov 2012 - 21:29
    Hey...just to tell you this before your rep(1729) changes...:)
    1729 is called Hardy-Ramanujan number :)
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    trevster344 Icon

    17 Sep 2012 - 13:04
    Excellent job with everything man, every tutorial, and over all everything you do here at D.I.C.
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    torind_2000 Icon

    09 Aug 2012 - 08:58
    Wanted to say thanks for all the info and resources you have gathered for us, it's been very useful.
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    modi123_1 Icon

    30 Jul 2012 - 09:12
    Quite the list of awards there..
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    Thailand Icon

    28 May 2012 - 07:30
    Hi Adam, can you make a tutorial with how to make a multiplayer Texas H'oldem game please?
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    chyldlyk Icon

    08 Feb 2012 - 13:41
    sir im a fan of yout post..very good tutorials..i really learned a lot..Sir i have a question where can i find your Walkthrough about update and delete using table adapter configuration wizard just like your username and password database..thank you for reading this..:D
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    DimitriV Icon

    05 Jan 2012 - 19:41
    16 years programming? Nice effort!
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    awal Icon

    25 Mar 2011 - 04:32
  12. Photo

    BenignDesign Icon

    11 Apr 2010 - 10:05
    Is that you? Looks like a young Bono. Weird.
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    Salmancom Icon

    28 Mar 2010 - 03:26
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    mbrother64 Icon

    26 Mar 2010 - 00:49
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    kunal.jaiswal Icon

    01 Mar 2010 - 04:04
    hi r u there
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