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  1. In Topic: That Language is Old

    Posted 16 Sep 2015

    I can say, after having used Ember.js, Node.js and Django, I know why PHP is falling off. It takes way too long. The only reason i haven't switched on my server is because of legacy services. However, django and Ember.Js are great for MVC for web. Angular is good too, I just don't use it.

    I suppose it should be telling that per githut, Javascript, Java, Ruby, Python and C++ are among the top languages stored in github. Javascript is at the top. Web based languages seem to be taking over. So is anything not JS old?

    I guess if we're basing whether or not we use something on its age then compilers should be the first thing we stop using.
  2. In Topic: If program gets outdated, it notifies user!

    Posted 24 Oct 2014

    If that's how you want your program to work, then simply do the update check before you launch the main program. So before you ever draw the main window, show a splash screen (or not) and check for updates. If there are updates, tell them that they can't launch the program until they update and ask them if they want to update now. I would never suggest updating without asking if they want to at the time. I think that's invasive personally. I may not be in a position where I want a program to update. But if you don't want it to launch, then it's very easy to put the update check in before the primary program running. So it seems like you already have it figured out.
  3. In Topic: Homework help: Pulling From Master File

    Posted 24 Oct 2014

    The first thing I'm going to suggest. I notice that your master files are saved as Rich Text File (RTF). When you save as RTF, formatting and encoding information is embedded into the file. Most likely, your program is reading in that embedded information along with the correct information. What you really want is a plain text file (TXT) or raw file (no extension). You might have code errors too, but it'll be impossible to know until you're getting good input from the files. Until then, you're getting bad in and putting bad out.
  4. In Topic: C: How would I "crawl" the registry?

    Posted 19 Oct 2014


    In particular you want:
  5. In Topic: Accepting payments online?

    Posted 19 Oct 2014

    I love this question. If I had a penny for every time I get this question I would be rich. It's usually followed by 'Can you make us our own system' and then I laugh. My one piece of advice is to never, ever, let a client convince you to make a custom system. There's too many laws to keep up with and too many fines. The credit card companies can basically make up whatever rules they want your custom system to follow. I used to work with a company that provided a system for processing payments so I was familiar with the practices. It was pretty shitty. I remember they once decided that they would make new 'safety' regulations to protect people's identity and anyone that didn't conform they would simply deny the transactions for and fine them. The laws allowed them to apply a fine to their account too because the processors had to sign an agreement that allows for it.

    So yeah, Paypal is fine. People get scammed because they're stupid and don't pay attention, but paypal as a processor is top notch. Google has a payment processing platform along with Amazon. there are also some other alternatives, but I honestly recommend staying with more well known systems like Google, Amazon or Paypal. They may not want to pay the fees, but just tell them that the small fees are more than worth it for not dealing with the trouble of a processing agreement with the credit card companies.

    Additionally, anytime they take payments online, you really need to think about whether or not the volume is there. The fees may not be worth it if they don't have a lot of volume. So that's another thing to discuss.

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    29 Nov 2013 - 08:43
    Hey ccubed do you still have Crysis 2 steam keys to give away?
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    02 Nov 2013 - 19:51
    i am a new member here. i have used other forum before, but its gaming forum specifically, and i have been noticing that one has to post in order to be able to unlock features, which kinda includes emailing (i tried to email you but it didnt let me...)unlike the gaming website i am at. anyways, i have seen you are a c++ programmer for 7 years! wow!
    i ha...
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