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  1. In Topic: Inserting data into XML - alphabetized?

    Posted 16 Aug 2015

    I'm honestly not sure how large one should be before the data is considered "too large". As far as a location I was just going to put the file on my google drive folder and open for public use. I don't have access to another place to upload it. Not really sure if this is the greatest idea or what.

    At any rate I think since I am allowing others to use this small app then it may just be time for a redesign before I get too far into development (even though I thought it was nearly complete). I am open sourcing this anyways so maybe a more experienced developer will come along and be able to recommend a better approach for what it does...but you have help give me some better ideas for changes for it, Thanks!
  2. In Topic: Inserting data into XML - alphabetized?

    Posted 16 Aug 2015

    I want to say I had actually asked about this before, and was told there really isn't a defined way to use either one. Normally if the weights were using multiple measurements (lbs, oz, g) I would have probably went that route. However, the calculator only calculates the gram weight of liquids due to the small amount of recipes that are created (either 10 or 30 ml).

    I was also left with the impression that you use elements when there can be multiple elements, and attributes when there is only 1. But in a nutshell it is designed like it is because it is what I could get working, LOL.

    When I initially began making this I was going to make this specifically using only flavorings for 1 manufacturer because that is all I use and this was solely just for personal use. It was requested to use other mftg's and their flavorings so I figured I would oblige so others could use this as well. I did not know the vast amount of flavorings that other mftg's had, so this is going to wind up turning into a really large xml file.

    Even though as andrewsw has pointed out, my data should be fine in an xml file because this is all it is going to be...but it may be a better investment to move to a db file just due to the size.

    Even though this is off topic: My goal was to make something that was offline. I wanted to distribute a complete xml file with the application for users to be able to edit if they wanted. Would a better approach be to centralize the db file online so when an item is entered from any user then the everyone will have access to the stuff?
  3. In Topic: Inserting data into XML - alphabetized?

    Posted 15 Aug 2015

    Sorry, yes I am all sorted out with this issue. Thanks for the help!
  4. In Topic: Inserting data into XML - alphabetized?

    Posted 15 Aug 2015

    Yes. Currently there are 7 major manufacturers that people use, with a few small manufacturers, for flavors used in vaping recipes. So far I have only done 2 of them in the xml. Due to the amount of flavors for each mftg I had to have some way to sort it so they aren't looking at 1000+ flavors, LOL

    Once I recreate the adding a flavor and mftg button subs to insert new ones then I should pretty much be where I need to be so that I can open source this on GitHub.

    I appreciate the help with pointing me to sort just the controls...that was so simple I was just over thinking how to go about it.
  5. In Topic: Inserting data into XML - alphabetized?

    Posted 15 Aug 2015

    Thanks. Right now I am doing like your last message, populating the controls from the xml file with the mftg for the combobox, and the flavorings in the listbox for that mftg. From there I am going to allow the user to add a new mftg to the xml file from an input box, as well as allowing the user to change certain data for each of the flavorings and add new ones from additional controls on the form.

    Here is my entire source so you might get a better idea of what I am trying to do with it. The flavoring editor can be accessed from the File menu on the calculator:
    Attached File (1.43MB)
    Number of downloads: 47

    I'm fine with just editing the xml file itself, but I have had a couple of users request an easier method of adding/editing them. I'm honestly not sure of a better method of going about this. XML was the only thing I could think of without needing an entire database to house all this information. However it may be what I need in the long run, but an Access file is the only DB I would be able to work with from my experience.



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