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  1. In Topic: Saving/Loading a checkledlistbox to XML

    Posted 24 Apr 2015

    I finally got this after some trial and error. I also added a procedure to clear out everything on every change so it doesn't keep displaying the values that were unloaded.

    Posting this here if other come across and need a solution. Thanks for the help Psyguy!
  2. In Topic: Saving/Loading a checkledlistbox to XML

    Posted 24 Apr 2015

    Thanks, that is making it save to the XML file now:


    Now when I go to load the items from the xml file:

    The message shows that they match on each one that is in the list. I have tried several ways to load the data from the xml file but nothing is working. I have tried getting the IndexOf(chkitm) and just setting those as checked, but that doesn't work. I thought by looping through the xml items, then looping through the checkbox items, if there was a match to display that one as checked.

    Is there a way to just assign the saved xml items as a collection, then use that for the checked list boxes collection? I'm probably over thinking this :/
  3. In Topic: Stuck in development

    Posted 22 Apr 2015

    If I left out objects like images and just used and SQL file for the entire database, what would be the appropriate format to export stuff in, so that it may be imported by another user?
  4. In Topic: Stuck in development

    Posted 21 Apr 2015

    I have had some help getting the project moved and setup on VSO, which really helped work out the planning issues I had been running into. However, I wanted to get some advice on the best approach to storing the data for this type of application.

    As it stands I am not going to be able to include any of the data with this project due to copyright infringement. If people want to use it they would have to input it themselves, or try and locate completed data elsewhere. It is likely that I will be the only person using this, but maybe once I have something up people will be interested.

    I started out with several XML files being created for the data, and just stored in folders. It was then recommended that I move towards using SQLlite to store all of it, but I have also been told this may be a bit slow if not setup properly for what I am using it for.

    So I have been working on using serialized classes and saving the data as external files. Using these along with XML files for a few lists I can accomplish what I am wanting to do. The problem here is the amount of different file-types I am going to require. It's not that I have a lot of data that is going to be used, it is that I have 9 different types of data that is going to be used, and making a custom file-type for each of those seems like it might possibly be over kill.

    I am just curious if this is a logical approach, and if one of the other methods would be much better? I know that data will have to be able to import and export, and that is not something I have done with SQLlite, though I am sure it is likely possible. Saving to just plain XML files allows for users to modify outside of the program, which probably isn't good either.

    Please understand that I am not a professional programmer, and I only ask because I honestly do not know, and/or stuff I have searched for on Google has not pointed me towards an answer that I can understand.
  5. In Topic: Stuck in development

    Posted 8 Apr 2015

    This isn't a problem with contributions from other team members, it's more of an engineering problem that I am understanding. I think what I am going to do is sit down and try and start from scratch and go from there. Maybe it will lead me to a better alternative or approach than what I have been trying to do. I also think I am going to start making the database stuff and actually put it in there instead of using XML files.

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