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  1. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 2 Jul 2015

    I hope your brother gets better B9! Sending prayers your way. Sounds like a nice weekend otherwise :)
  2. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 1 Jul 2015

    Yeah, I'm really enjoying it so far. Definitely a bit different since I'm used to C languages, but pretty nifty. I started with argparse to handle the arguments, and my first thought was "OMG! I don't have to do any manual work?!" I don't have to write a function and then layout a manual help "page". Basic type validation is handled automatically while I can extend the types by writing some basic functions. And it dynamically generates the help based on the added arguments and formats it for you. It's like, amazing. And that's before I write any code to do anything besides handles arguments.
  3. In Topic: What are you working on today?

    Posted 1 Jul 2015

    I'm learning Python at work in order to port an existing script from Bash. I like Bash, but it's nice to learn another language, and I'm enjoying the versatility and existing modules in python. Plus, the documentation and pydoc stuff is kind of cool.
  4. In Topic: What is it like to work for a major tech company?

    Posted 29 Jun 2015

    Well, there is, but the company has to basically buy out your contract from the contracting company, it's the ONLY way around it. But I can't just quit working here, and immediately get a job directly for any company they contract to, which is annoying, since they contract to the largest tech companies in the area. But, despite my years of equivalent experience, it was the only way I could get my foot in the door, since I don't have a degree.
  5. In Topic: What is it like to work for a major tech company?

    Posted 29 Jun 2015

    On the other hand, a contracting company I worked for has a non-compete that they make you sign, saying you can't work for any company 6 months AFTER you are done working for them, that they offer contracting services too.

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    Gorian Icon

    12 Dec 2011 - 15:54
    Yay! Thanks mukayla! I feels all special now ^.^
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    muhkayla Icon

    29 Nov 2011 - 20:39
    Thank you for ornamenting my profile with your presence. I'm returning the favor and adding to your collection of ornaments. :P
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    ishkabible Icon

    23 Oct 2011 - 20:25
    that happened on your server, my roof leaked!! as my land lord i demand you fix it! :P
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    dylan.mann Icon

    16 Jan 2011 - 16:09
    Haven't seen you in a while. Hope the holidays went well for you.
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    blutrane Icon

    08 Dec 2010 - 13:51
    And Lo, so it came to pass that one digital traveler, Gorian by handle, did leavest a comment upon the ancient unmarked space, thereby securing his name through the ages as one who has Marked an Unmarked space.
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    no2pencil Icon

    09 Nov 2010 - 21:04
    Hey bro! I just picked up my hammer & saw.
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    arnell Icon

    04 Nov 2010 - 20:26
    Hey bro! I saw your post and read the heading regarding the instructions of a believer. It's good to know you are one too. Bro may you enjoy all of your Blessings in Jesus's Name!
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    gabehabe Icon

    04 Feb 2010 - 09:20
    I am returning your comment, and I am saying "boobs". That is all.
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    OliveOyl3471 Icon

    04 Feb 2010 - 07:47
    Gorian has no profile comments yet. How sad. :P
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