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Moonbat's Lair > PHP to C#

Posted 03 November 2008

I decided to write this little tidbit just in case you are a PHP user going over to C#. I just want to share my experiences of 2 weeks using C# (after about a solid year of nothing but PHP).

One, C# is what is known as a strongly typed...

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Moonbat's Lair > RSA Encryption in PHP

Posted 22 October 2008

Good news and bad news, guys.

I've completed a class in PHP that generates a public and private key using the algorithm for RSA. Read more about RSA at [1].

The bad news is, this theoretically...

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Moonbat's Lair > A Lesson In Anonimity

Posted 21 October 2008

If you plan on doing anything illegal, don't ever use any web proxies. This is common knowledge, but why am I emphasizing it now? Behold, Exhibit A.

If you haven't heard about how the United States Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin had her Yahoo! email hacked, read about it at [1]

Now, according to [2] an Anonymous...

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Moonbat's Lair > PHP-GTK GtkHtml

Posted 11 September 2008

Well, after finding out about PHP-GTK, I decided I wanted to code a browser, fully in PHP.

After a little playing around with the ways of organizing the GUI (GtkHBox and GtkVBox), I had a simple web browser look. All I needed way a way to show the page.

I figured I would just use a file_get_contents() to get the HTML of the page, then just put...

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Moonbat's Lair > MoonBlog is DONE!

Posted 25 August 2008

Well, after a few weeks, I finished MoonBlog 1.0 :D

You can read about it here - http://www.dreaminco...wtopic61625.htm...

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