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  Martyr2's Programming Underground
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Polish your Google-fu
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Why Do Companies Spend Money on Stupid Shit?
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MVC and C# WinForms Mismatch
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Posted by andrewsw on June 11, 2016, 5:44 am
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Blog 8 Tips To A Better API Design
Martyr2's Programming Underground
 Started By: Martyr2 on August 25 at 9:55 pm

Blog Polish Your Google-fu
andrewsw's Blog
 Started By: andrewsw on August 25 at 5:06 pm

Topic Success Message And Clear Form After Submission To DB
 Started By: tonyal on August 24 at 6:45 pm

Topic Awesome Design Decisions, Not ....
Caffeine Lounge
 Started By: Salient on August 24 at 2:02 pm

Topic Advice For A Chef Looking To Go Into Software Development
Caffeine Lounge
 Started By: hiya1992 on August 21 at 9:30 pm

Topic The Forums Take Upwards Of 20s To Load
Site Feedback
 Started By: Lieoften on August 21 at 1:46 pm

Tutorial A Simple Custom Control (focussed TextBox)
VB.NET Tutorials
 Started By: andrewsw on August 21 at 8:09 am

Topic Is It Still Worth To Learn Php
 Started By: rozkurwiator on August 21 at 7:55 am

Topic How To Create User Rights For Different Forms C#
 Started By: chandrannr on August 17 at 7:52 am

Blog LandTraveller - Finally On Steam Greenlight
WolfCoder's Kawaii Column
 Started By: WolfCoder on August 16 at 12:39 am

Topic Advice To Start Software Being Developed?
Software Development
 Started By: 20GT on August 14 at 8:17 pm

Tutorial Android Socket Tutorial - Part 2
Android Development
 Started By: EndLessMind on August 13 at 5:49 pm

Tutorial Android Socket Tutorial - Part 1
Android Development
 Started By: EndLessMind on August 13 at 5:29 pm

Topic How Do I Rewrite The WPF Code To WinForm C# .NET
 Started By: DOT1 on August 12 at 11:56 am

Topic Which Way Should I Go?
Software Development
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Topic Survey : Ethic Rules In An Agile Environment
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Topic Random Generating Similar Numbers.
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Topic Getting On Projects
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Topic Having Doubts About My Desired Career Path
Corner Cubicle
 Started By: kathy025 on August 5 at 4:20 pm

Tutorial A Highscore Module For Pygame
Python Tutorials
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Topic Same Numbers In An Array.
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Topic Maths Notation For Consecutive Height Differences. Halp!
Computer Science
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Topic Worst Thing That You've Done To Yourself
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