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The end of AOL?

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AOL announced they will be laying off 5,000 of their 18,000 work force. A fourth of their employees will have to find new jobs, mostly in sales and marketing. A large portion of the cuts will be in Europe where AOL is already working on a deal to sell off their dial-up business to a France telecom.

AOL is going to focus on it's online ad...
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I've been using Meebo for a while now. It's a browser based chat application for AIM/MSN/Yahoo. Today they released MeeboMe! I've added their widget to my blog on the left. If I'm online, you can chat with me directly from my page. You can even put a MeeboMe! Widget on your MySpace profile.

Check out ...
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Week In Review

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Just in case anyone missed it. Until August 31, 2006 new tutorials are worth 75 kudos, and new snippets are worth 50 kudos!

There's some fun stuff going on in the lounge if you're bored or just wanna hang out with the slackers...
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My Interview @

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Thought some of you might like to listen to an interview I did today at ForumTrends on the Won Li Do Sho.

Download: http://www.forumtren...onLiDoShow6.mp3

I talk about and the success it's seen over the past few years.
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No Comcast... Thank YOU!

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Back at the end of June I got a phone call from the Comcast Collections department. The lady on the phone informed me that I owed $189.15 and if it wasn't paid by the end of the month my service would be shut off. I say "Well Monica, there's obviously a problem on your end because I'm on automatic bill pay. Nothing has...
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I'm at work today, watching some of suttsteve's brilliant videos when... bam, blue screen of death. So I reboot and Windows greets me with the lovely "We noticed there was a problem, would you like to report it?" Normally, I say "Hell No" but I'm at work so I figure what's the worst that could happen?! I...
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Hardware Security

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Back around 2001 (i.e. 9/11) there was a federal mandate that all government computer systems must be accessed using hardware based authentication. The time has come when all DoD organizations must begin requiring users to authenticate using CAC (Common Access Cards). These are cards with a chip in them that contain information about the card...
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Did You Know? (Developer Blogs)

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Did you know you can mark your favorite blogs by clicking the little heart next to each one? Favorite blogs will show up above the pinned and last updated blogs on the Blogs homepage. You can also track your favorite blogs and see the latest posts in your control panel. Subscribe to the blogs RSS feed or an individual blog feed so you can see the...
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I have honestly not read a book since my Junior or Senior year of High School. Last night I decided to pick up a book Dark_Nexus gave me for Christmas. I knocked out the first few chapters and fell asleep, but it was pretty nice to just put the laptop down and read for an hour. The book is "Jarhead" by Anthony Swofford.
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Professional Organizations

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I've belonged to a few different Professional Organizations like the HTML Writers Guild, American Advertising Federation, and a few others. They have the occasional meeting, a monthly newsletter, maybe a certificate or some sort of award they present to their members, but at the end of the day I feel like all they've done was take my...

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