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Server Crashes Are No Fun

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I was in Washington DC last week on business and returned Sunday evening. I expected to go in to work Monday for just a couple hours and enjoy my day off Tuesday (4th of July). I got a call Monday morning from my boss informing the main web server at work had crashed. As it turns out, the RAID controller had failed and we lost all 5 drives including all the web data and operating system. It took around 5 hours to get the server to a point where we could begin installing and configuring all our stuff.

It could have been a lot worse, however, I work with an awesome team of people who are technically competent and helped get everything back up and running quickly and correctly. So, after experiencing a worst case scenario, things turned out alright and today was a pretty calm day considering 24 hours ago we didn't know if we'd even have a server to work with.

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