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No Comcast... Thank YOU!

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Back at the end of June I got a phone call from the Comcast Collections department. The lady on the phone informed me that I owed $189.15 and if it wasn't paid by the end of the month my service would be shut off. I say "Well Monica, there's obviously a problem on your end because I'm on automatic bill pay. Nothing has changed on my end, so you need to find out what's broken on your end. Thank you, good bye." So I call that night to follow up with the billing department. The guy in billing says everything looks fine and he can update my automatic bill pay info but other than that "we'll just have to see how it goes on [july] 23rd." So I wait, but 2 days later they call again harassing me about the amount owed. I offer to pay it and am told "Oh, if you're on automatic bill pay you can't do a manual payment cause you'll be charged twice!" So I ask them to stop calling me about the balance and I'll call back on the 24th to check if the payment went through (Remember, all of this is supposed to be automatic... as in, no intervention on my part). So today I call to see if the payment went through. I am told it did not and I still owe $184.15. I forgot to mention they charged me a $5 late fee because their system couldn't charge my credit card... funny huh?! Obviously I had them take that charge off. But I digress, I speak with a guy who says I could "just pay the bill now." At which point I remember Monica telling me I'll be charged twice. He reassures me this won't happen so I give him my credit card info (the same credit card they have on file for automatic bill pay). Amazing, it goes through. See, it wasn't my problem.

I decide at this point that if Comcast can't even take my money reliably, and their service is already pretty crappy, then I might as well try something else. I call QWest. QWest sets me up with 7mbps/869kbps for $39.99/mo for 12 months. Sure it's aDSL, but I don't game so it won't be a big deal. My modem will be here on Thursday. I thank the lady and call Comcast back to cancel my account. Daniel from Comcast Cancellations (see: saves) informs me I have a $184.15 credit on my account. What's this?! A credit... you mean the money I just paid you a mere 15 minutes ago?! Bingo. Double charged. Daniel knows the phone call is going to go from bad to worse and immediatley transfers me to one Mr. Tracy Jones. Tracy is understanding and informs me he'll be calling me tomorrow morning around 9:30 to confirm they've refunded the "credit" to my account. He also says he'll have a "good deal" to offer me if I'll stay with Comcast. Hah! The only good deal you could offer me is a refund of the past 3 years of shitty service.

I'm not looking forward to DSL, but I'm hoping QWest will at least be competent enough to charge my credit card on a regular basis and not harass me when their system fucks up.

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25 July 2006 - 11:40 AM
Man, this is so reminiscient of my experiences with comcast. It makes me really miss TCI, the original guys before it became AT&T and then comcast. Speaking of Comcast, I've run into yet another issue with their service, in fact, this is a repeat of a previous issue I've had with them in where they will manually disable(somehow) my network connection, because "Comcast cable modems do not support home networks" bullshit.

I hope you get better service (and hopefully a dependable amount of Customer Support) from Qwest,



04 August 2006 - 08:44 AM
Dont worry about it DSL is just as good as cable.

Now the VSAT Im Going to pony up $1500 for is gonna blow but not suck as bad as the shitty dial up here in hickville
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