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October, A Great Month For DIC

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I've been trying to share more interesting information about DIC, so today I'd like to share some interesting stats from the month of October:

  • Our new database server handled an average of 857 queries/second
  • The new database server sent 74 terabytes of data to the web server
  • A total of 2.4 trillion queries were executed in October
  • ...
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Dream.In.Code Podcast - Episode #9

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When I was in Redmond, WA for Microsoft PDC 2010, Charlie Kindel, General Program Manager for the Windows Phone 7 ecosystem at Microsoft, agreed to answer a couple of questions about Windows Phone 7. The answers are recorded as the next episode of the Dream.In.Code podcast.

You can listen to it here:
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Podcast feed now public

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People have been asking me if it is possible to stay up-to-date with the latest episodes of the Dream.In.Code quite a few times lately. Not everyone has access to iTunes for various reason (mainly platform restrictions), so there is now a public podcast RSS feed that can be accessed from any modern web browser and/or feed reader.

The feed can be...
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A New Policy For "Gimme Teh Codez" Topics

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The team has been discussing how best to deal with the annoying, lazy, and overly prevalent "Gimme Teh Codez" topics that often clutter the help forums here at Dream.In.Code. After several weeks of discussion, we have instituted a new policy to deal with these types of topics.

From now on, forum leaders, mentors, moderators, admins,...
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Dream.In.Code Podcast - Episode #7

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Today, Brett McNamara (baavgai...
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What Powers Dream.In.Code?

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I'll admit it, I find server specs sexy and hearing someone ramble off an awesome configuration puts a big smile on my face. So while we don't have some amazing load balanced server farm running Dream.In.Code, we did recently take a big step forward. We added a dedicated database server. So I'd like to share some information about what...
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A change to edit times

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Lately, this really became a problem - users deleting content inside a thread/post once a few replies have been posted. The main problem with this is once the content is removed, the thread automatically loses its core. A good example would be a recent "action" by Heathie89 in this thread.

So here are the new restrictions:

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Dream.In.Code Podcast - Episode #6

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In this episode of I (Core) am talking to Glenn Block, Program Manager for the WCF Service Model team at Microsoft...
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New Subforums

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Over the past day or two, we have been deploying a number of new subforums designed to give more exposure to certain technologies and provide quieter palces for members to discuss and ask questions about these technologies. You will also notice that some of these categories link to subforums in other categories. Below are the list of changes:

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"Related Topics" Beta Deployed In Forums

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Yesterday, I deployed a new feature that has been a long time coming. "Related Topics" display (hopefully) similar topics to the one you are currently viewing.

You'll notice right away that the related topics are both old and new, and are ranked with a variety of factors. The current beta is using the topic title and description to...

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